Cheating Brokers

I have had nothing but problems with a Company that keeps lying to me and when I turn them in nothing is done because I am on a Demo. Closing my trades saying a certain area on the chart is a protected area. No punishment, then they started closing all of my trades with little false statements, No Punishment. And then they say, I don’t know why so many trades lose all their money and quit. It seems rules should be set in stone and not used only because we pay. It would be nice if I had a pro to set a small trade for me and see if they would find a reason to close that trade. Anyway, it is what it is for now.
Happy Trading everyone

This shows very well how important it is to start with demo trading. You’re not just learning how to trade but also how each broker treats you.

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Yikes. Are you able to name this broker?

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I think it may be time to change brokers!

Also, if you have evidence of the broker cheating you should report them to the financial body that are regulating them.