China’s Central Bank Prioritizes Development of Digital Currency

The People’s Bank of China is prioritizing the development of a national digital currency.


Great article.

We are having a glimpse of the future.

In a few years fiat will not exist anymore, all national coins will be crypto-currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, etc…

The transactions per second of crypto-currencies are still preventing that from fully happening, but a huge progress has already been made and TPS keeps improving by the day.

Also, didn’t China ban ICOs, crypto exchanges and crypto-currencies? Interesting turn of events. Never say I shall not drink from this water, China!

Yeah. Interesting read. :thinking: Now I’m just waiting to see how this will turn out. :thinking:

Meanwhile they have decided to crack down on cryptos as hard as they can. They want to herd the population to use the CBDC they fully control.