Chk on the broker commission & fee

Hi, I like to chk this. Once i look at the report about my demo a/c stated
all the particular about the broker commission & fee . I’m using the FXCM
2 platform . Normally from the most website stated the commision are free .
I look at the report , my own demo a/c report having few types of commision like Trading commision , Interest Fee , Option Commision , withdraw fee , Management fee , performance fee & deposit rollback .
Since now I’m using the dummy a/c it not stated all this commision &fee.
Let say if I going for live one day . Anyone having experience using the
Live FXCM2 platform . WHat are the commision & fees that need to pay
for any of the trade that you proceed.
If i want to avoid most of the commision & fee ,meaning broker give with less commision &fee , do you know any broker promoting their website with minimum Commision & fee.Thanks for adv.

I think the most logical place to find information about such fess would be in the agreements you sign while you are signing up for an account. These agreements may be easily found without having to go through the process of signing up.

the fee is in the spread, the difference between the buy and sell.

Normally this would be 2 - 3 pips on say Eur/usd.

There shouldnt be anything else to pay if there is dont bother with them.

Good advice for someone else which I will take to heart…Thanks for so much good advice here on newbie island:)