Choosing a demo account

pretty much what the title says!

im based in England if this makes any difference… i imagine it would seen as my margin would be in GBP rather than USD

thanks in advance!

Try EFXgroup after you try some of the other advertisers on this blog, or Forexfactory or FXstreet. EFXgroup’s jleblang has a great introduction on forexfactory, he’s been the most involved out of any brokers, their spread may make it worth using an American broker. I’d be curious if the Brits have a broker with as low a spread and low commission like them. I blame the Brits everytime a stop is run … so you guys are very much loved by me.
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Have you tried Advanced Currency Markets, ACM, from Switzerland?

i havent tried anyone yet

ive downloaded metatrader but i see the currency is USD, is this any use to me? seen as i will be depositing GBP not dollars

I won’t lie, I’m not completely sure, but I think that anywhere you choose your account it will be in US dollars. For instance I have an acount in Toronto but it was immediately changed to US as soon as I deposited it. I think this is because the US dollar is easiest to exchange since it is pinned up against most others. Anyways I just use metatrader to utilize my system but trade on a different platform. It is ideal for long term, for me anyways. I’m sure you could do the same day trading and swing trading as well, but for scalping, can’t help you there. I think you just need to get comfortable with whatever software you use, and based on what what company you are contemplating opening a real account with, you should probably trade on those platforms and see which one you prefer the most. Oh, and you can open an account with FXCM (maybe others too) that let you trade in pound’s, euro’s, yen, so if you want to jump on it go ahead. But I do not know if you can get a demo account like that. Anyways, if the software is the same, and only the currency changes, I don’t think it really matters.

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Hi mate

I think you will find most demo accounts are in us dollars.

When opening your live account you will be asked what currency you want your account to be in

for instance Dollar, GPB or Euro

My broker Saxobank will do this for you, i like you am in the UK if that helps



Oanda’s FXGame platform should allow you to trade in a base currency other than USD.

And it’s also unlimited in duration. Most demo accounts have a set length you can use them - like 30 days.

What you definitely want to do, though, is use the demo platform for the broker you are planning on trading with to get a feel for it before putting any money at risk.