Christmas Trading

the trading volume is going to be extremely thin this week…so what does that mean? That can mean anything…it can mean very much muted moves, or extreme moves either direction. Depending on your broker, that could also mean a lot more extreme spreads and slippage than normal. New Home Sales is not that strong of an indicator and needs a lot of deviation in order to move the market. Existing home sales and consumer confidence have a 50/50 chance of conflicting. And you don’t want to be trying your luck with conflicting reports during such thin volume :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays everyone.

I’m curious how the market will move during the holidays myself since this will be my first year actually paying attention to it. Love your avatar :slight_smile:

Extremely thin markets ahead. You are right. We can’t rule out crazy stuff like Thanksgiving move. :slight_smile:

A lot of options for EURUSD 1.3400 expiring this week. but that does give minimal clue.

Thanks topgun_68 :slight_smile: Did a search on google for “avatar” I don’t endorse kids, especially babies smoking, just so you know.

If anyone predicts any solid trades this week, please let me know, I’m actually going to keep my eyes of the reports for a few days.

Take care