Clarificatory question on Pennants vs. Symmetrical Triangle patterns

Good day!

I would just like to clarify what the difference between pennants and symmetrical triangle patterns; I am quite confused because in my eyes, they look perfectly identical.

Whereas pennants may confirm a breakout towards the direction of the trend’s continuation, symmetrical triangles confirm a possible breakout from either the direction of the market.

As a beginner trader, I find it very confusing.

How do I identify a pattern forming a perfect triangle, whether it is a pennant or a symmetrical triangle?

Thank you.

Pennants seem to be just shorter duration than symmetrical triangles on the same time-frame. A viable pennant could be as little as 3 or 4 bars/candles: a typical symmetrical triangle will probably have 20+ bars. A classic symmetrical triangle has a horizontal centre-line, pennants can point upwards or downwards.

In both cases, the most probable outcome is continuation of trend from which price entered the pattern. (if there was a trend in the first place)

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Oh, I have never really considered that pennants may point upwards/downwards since I have not yet witnessed it myself. Thank you for pointing this out, very much appreciated!