Clark can you just give me a program that makes me money so i can sit and watch tv?

So what about it? Sound like a plan?

This has to be the best thread title that I’ve come across on BabyPips.

At least pipwhip is honest!! quite refreshing.

edited – -still laughing - -thanks pipwhip

Yes, i think so…
The best title and not to much saying. Making money in forex can be leave if we have EA…
But, don’t let EA working on its way, you should manage and control it…

Lol mate. Sounds like a very good plan :slight_smile:

LOL, good one. while you at it, be sure to order a hammock too

Hahahahaha so you want clark to be just like clark kent ‘the superman’ and save you lol. I believe on Auto trading but you have to monitor your EA at least lol. Nice topic btw lol.

As long as he doesn’t wear a tight pants… Just saying

Ha ha ha ha ha…

How did I not see this thread until now?? O.o

[QUOTE=“ClarkFX;593054”]How did I not see this thread until now?? O.o[/QUOTE]

I think we all assumed that you were simply busy working away on the requested programme.

use big time frame so no need for you to sit in-front of you screen all the time

You clearly underestimate how lazy i am.

You can buying an EA and use a vps. If your EA is good you just watching TV and WD every day.

I really hope these serious responses understand that this thread was just a joke…

You see, now I’m deflated, first off I was patiently waiting on Clark coming up with the goods, now I find it’s only a joke, then to cap it all I cannot figure out what on earth a WD is that I’m supposed to watch.


Okay, so it’s not just me then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok seriously there is possibility. I use EA and a VPS and just check the progress once or twice daily but I keep an eye on what my EA is doing and if it is making some bad trades I stop it for a while until things get back to normal. This is the maximum ease you can get.

Yes , agree I would keeping an eye in it too…

How long you been doing it…! Is it working for you … U am toying with idea too