Climate change is a complete hoax

God held a lighter behind him and farted the ice age away.

how the hell is it possible that you dont know that? there are scientists showing evidence of this since 3000 years!

You’re completely correct of course.

I sincerely hope that you will stay and participate rather than being driven away from Babypips. :smile:

Patrick Moore’s treatise on the matter are particularly helpful.

I really don’t know why are we even debating this.

This landed in my email inbox today. – Good stuff. – Worth a read.

I copied-and-pasted this article from the email I received, so the link in the second half of this article doesn’t work. Here is a live link –

My apologies to Jim Rickards for shamelessly copying-and-pasting his stuff without permission.

In my defense, Jim, let me remind you that I’m a long-time subscriber to Strategic Intelligence, and I recently renewed my subscription for another 3 years. So, maybe you can cut me some slack on the copy-and-paste thing :grinning:

Thanks to Jim Rickards for linking to this short article –

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Adults are supposed to be telling their children that there are NO “Monsters under the bed” - NOT inventing ever more new horrors for them to be terrified by !

THese poor kids are being trained and taught to perform in unison - like Circus animals !

[EDIT - Except - it is ILLEGAL to “train animals” using fear and pain. - That is EXACTLY how YOUR children are being trained ! - WHere the hell are all these “Caring parents” and “Child Protection Servces” ? - I despise these “Parents” ? for allowing the Schools to indoctrinate their OWN children in this way !]



cartoon - global warming - 6

500 eminent Scientists write to UN saying “THere IS NO Climate Emergency” (video posted 27/09/2019) - and demand meetings to debate the issue.

Oddly though This is the first I have heard of it !

Listen Below to the full text of this letter, which is entirely unambiguous !

Now - The same DAY ! - when some abused Swedish Schoolgirl of dubious ability “says something” - we have our senses stuffed full of it ! :rofl:

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Greta has now become an emblem of Child abuse, manipulation and the cruelty heaped upon her by her manipulators. She may be viewed as a “Mother Theresa” by the “Main stream media” and the Globalists - but more and more Real people are looking at this poor abused child and seeing straight through to those evil manipulators, using her as a shield, writing her words and pulling her strings.

Even Pres Putin is shocked by the way she is being treated !

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Some kids have the right idea

cartoon - global warming - 7

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" Nobody knows how many Civil Servants are directly employed in Climate change but In the Uk alone it must be thousands if not tens of thousands. "

"Countries are competing to be “Most effected” as the “most effected” have been promised compensation ! "

Climate Scientist Professor who refused to let his name be attached to iPCC report

Wind and solar cannot do it !

People were shocked just how FEW people died because of Chernobyl and NOBODY will die because of Fukajima (sp)

James Whale talking to “Larch” - the Protestor from The London Disruption Hippy gathering trying to shut down London for the next fortnight.

The Temperature has only risen 1 Degree in 300 years and they call it an EMERGENCY ???


IMO That cat named Putin had da most wealistic and practical response. You can also tell he is a bit concerned on how the kitten Greta is bein used. Mass media is partly to blame. Greta is bein too sensationalized by the media…

An interview with a “Climate Activist” about the Police telling the demonstrators “Enough is enough”

Julia Hartley Brewer Points out to the lady "I know the BBC and Sky let you get away with this sort of stuff - but I don’t have to !"

It’s so good to hear a real interviewer, who actually knows what she is talking about !

The sun is making the earth hot.
Let’s destroy the economy.
That’ll teach the sun a lesson!

Climate strike movement sweeps the globe

Poor lost souls trying so hard to be part of something meaningful.

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Let’s hear all sides of the story fairly.
As time goes by it is becoming clearer there is no emergency.

And if that is not enough, there is this:

And no Climate Change Education is complete without Milankovitch Cycles:

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