Climate change is a complete hoax

It’s all a hoax I hear you say
On the ski slopes for snow we pray

But alas the air is warm
On these mountains that causes much harm

The children from school must learn to ski
Grassland and greenery is of no help you see

We look to the sky and hear a distant sound
A helicopter has just dropped the snow to the ground

Hooray, bravo the children cry
It’s all a hoax that we cannot deny.

Luchon-Superbagnères cette weekend - pour les enfants :slight_smile:

Peter shows a bag of snow
Dumped from high down here below

He is going to scrap his Merc
So the kids can have their snowy perk

He’s going to ride a bike and live in a tent
A gesture you could not invent

His mobile phone will have to go
So the little kids can have their snow

When take away his gas they must
I know that he will see that it was just

And when by hand he digs his plot
To grow some food which may not rot

Perhaps he may reflect at length
On how this thread could have given him strength

To see blessed reality
Instead of fake causality

On how his grand kids lives he’s blighted
Through refusing to see how short sighted

His beliefs have been and just how mean
Dogma will be - by History seen !

Lol - would you really blame me?


Image from Sky News yesterday UK in flood.

Although maybe not a bike:

Image AFP - storm in UK yesterday.

I expect that will turn out to be watercourse neglect again - just like the others

However we do occasionally have inclement weather you know ?

We even did before “CO2” was dreamed up ;

See this was a Forest - I was working nearby at the time - it was horrendous

Then there was one which caused some deaths near you with the sinking of the Princess Victoria with about 170 people on board

  • as well as some 3000 (Plus more than 40,000 Farm Animals) in the UK and 2000 in Holland with winds in exess of 125 mph

Oddly that one is completely ignored !

1953 - the Greatest storm in history ?

and here are a few more !

1953 et al

Speaking of storms in the past - last week there was one over UK/Ireland named Ciarra.

There was also an election in Ireland, one of the lawmakers at the election count had a little rant about climate change. Previously he declared that only God has control of weather.

Anyways in his argument he he declared ‘to hell with the planet’ etc etc, it’s people that I care about and so on.

Many people listened to the words … including the planet.

On his way home his road was blocked … by a landslide resulting from Ciarra.

The crazies Ramp it up as the Child Emperor (Trudeau) and RCMP ignore Court Orders and stand by watching with their thumbs up their bums and brains in Neutral !



This is what happens when you don’t have the guts to stand up against t he derangement of teh far left - they just get bolder and more unreasonable !

Sooner or later "Some People will do some things …"

Ok so i’s from Aussie land - but the principles are sound !

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Hey @Falstaff, Alan Jones lies somewhere between the far right and the middle ground on the political scale. Most of what he states resonates with probably 60-70% of Australia’s population.

The issue for the Australian economy is our high base wages and quality of life… when your countries base wage is $21 per hour and the manufacturing economies in your region average out at $1.70 - to $2.80 per hour… you don’t have a snowball’s (snowflake’s) chance in hell to be able to compete…

Fix… We lower our wages (and quality of life) or Asia increases theirs… simple math, 26 million Australians forced into change or 1.6 Billion Asians suddenly increase their wages and lifestyles…

It doesn’t take a physicist to work out what will happen next.

As for the economic future for Australia, we’re are already gone… manufacturing has been decimated over the last decade… it never recovered from the GFC we had to have… Hence our dependance on China (South East Asia) for anything and pretty much everything that is manufactured… and the perils that exposure to Black Swan events like the CoronaVirus in China opens our economy upto.

I see some in these forums attempting to go long on the AUD (and NZD)…Seriously!!.. the only upward movement on the Aussie (and Kiwi) for the next few months will be manipulated buying into the weakness and clearing short positions by the currency markets… Which is clearly visible in the charts… the AUD has already weakened over 40% against the USD in the short space of 6 years.

Note: Due to the amount of sunlight in Australia, Solar and Battery technology is a viable option in this country, I know, I have it on my farmlet and it saves thousands of dollars each year… 6kw Solar System connected to a dual Tesla Battery storage system… Expensive to set up ($27k), but still far cheaper than most constantly depreciating motor vehicles in this country. I haven’t had a water or electricity bill for a long, long time… Rainwater and Solar catchments are viable for most habitable areas of a continent affected by drought and flooding rains…

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He is one of our best conservative commentators. He has a radio show every morning on 2GB Sydney.

The lunatic left and believe it or not some on the right are pushing for net zero carbon emissions.



Yep you got that right like a lot of what you have said in this post.


Yes but ! The Anti Capitalist stance was apparently started by the “Hard Right”

They were heavily into “Wind Power” and Sun Power - even that symbol of theirs was nicked from the Indian Sun Symbol !

I have to say though that “Boris” 's apparent rush to get on board is disturbing – unless he’s just "Blagging it " ?

Additionally too - a lot of the “Politicians” on both sides are not really very bright, just “Career Politicians” who have come from the same distorted teachers of the same courses at the same Colleges - so they will probably have suffered the same indoctrination.

If you are refering to Hitler then I beg to differ. Yes he was a nationalist similar to what most of the hard right support. However Hitler was a socialist and only tolerated capitalism as a means to an end. He saw capitalism as a way to fund the government controlled perfect race that he was trying to build.

Don’t be too hard on Boris. He is far better than Corbyn and more effective than Theresa May. I believe he only acts the fool. Deep down he has a bigger plan.

You are right about career politics.



Well his voters are pretty clear on their view of the “Issue” - Even after decades of being preached at by the pseudo intellectuals from London, the “Mainstream Media”, the Internet Billionaires, the EU, some slightly deranged little girl from Sweden and her abusive parents and a sad old man who used to be a very creditable wildlife documentary maker. :

I think WHEN we get a chance to have a REFERENDUM on this - “They” will get the mandatory "17 million F### Offs " ! :rofl:

[Probably very many more than that ! ]

Very true.
Here in Australia we call them the quiet majority. Thank goodness there is still some common sense in this world.



The Lady is getting more knowledgeable - Something of which the Greenies cannot be accused - well just listen !

Not sure that this was his thinking. The word ‘socialist’ was a means to the end - power.

Hitler didn’t need money, he needed votes

The full German name of the Nazi party was the “nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (national socialist German workers party). It was founded as the “Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (German workers party), and it adopted “nationalsozialistische” in 1920. They didn’t adopt that term to more accurately describe the party — they adopted it to draw German socialists and communists away from internationally-minded socialist and communist parties so that the Nazis could gain seats in the Bundestag (the German parliament). (accurate comment imo)

Gregor Strasser was head of the left wing of the party - early 30’s was 2nd to Hitler in the party - very popular guy, but he wanted a more socialist line - couldn’t get that so quit in 1932.

Two guesses how he died 2 years later.

It was Hitler’s personal hatred of everything Socialist/Marxist/Communist that ultimately led to his military downfall - the opening of a second front in the East.

Well, the weather IS weird. So I don’t agree with autor of this article.

Here is an update from CDN - A group dedicated to putting this discussion into perspective.

Note ; - Firstly it is necessary(and VERY IMPORTANT) to understand that even the worst of the "“Climate Models” recognise that their proposed causal link between CO2 and temperature does not even contemplate a straight line chart. But what ALL scientists DO agree on is that any link rases temperature by a specific - yet small increase in temperature for every DOUBLING of atmospheric CO2 so currently iit sits around 400 parts per million - which is 4 parts in 10,000 or 0.04% so to reaise temperature by 1.5 degree (Seems most likely) the CO2 would need to rise to 800 Parts per million. and to get another 1.5 degree it would need to rise to 1600 Parts per million. and to get another 1.5 degree it would need to rise to 3200 parts per million.

So it would appear that to get a temperature rise of 4.5 degrees we would need to have EIGHT times as much CO2 as we have NOW !

Historically both of these figures have been exceeded in the past (NOT necessarily at the same time) and there was no “emergency” - to Life.

However I digress - this little examination considers what we DO actually know about the Climate’s sensitivity to CO2 and any “knock on effects”

I have been on the planet for 6 decades and the weather has always been weird.



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#Mee Too !

What a bright girl this is ! what a breath of fresh air ! - In this thread we have tried to discuss the facts - and it has not been easy - in fact I cannot think of any response which has calmly discussed Anything factual from the Alarmist side !

Lets keep holding them to the facts and get shut of all this emotional garbage !

Anyway, this girl can have a job in anything I have influence on at any time ! She will go far - without any need for “managers” Scriptwriters or “Afirmative Action” of any kind - purely on that old fashioned and “discredited” judgement the “Patriarchy” used to strive to employ - PURE MERIT