Climate change is a complete hoax

Yes I saw this young lady and she is very bright. However she doesn’t get the same attention as wonder woman Thumburg only because she does fall in line with the madness of crowds.



’Abundance’ of Artic ice a concern for ‘Polar bears’ and 'climate change luvvies’

Arctic Sea Ice increased during February by 22,100 Sq Kilometers - PER DAY !

Highest February snowfall on record since records began - in Montana and North Dakota

Yet do we hear the Thermageddonists Rejoice ? Nay they’re all off chanting their rubbish at Governments and the gullible children ! As we creep ever closer to Milankovich cooling.

Since she gets mentioned - I looked up the memory ;-

Memories of Uni ! and Girls who actually liked being girls an liked their men to be men ! :wink:

I’d be curious to know how her royal highness the princess of climate nutters, princess Greta, would explain this natural phenomenon. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:



I have been around in this earth for a while now. The whole issue about climate change has been there since the day I was born. From then till now I have not noticed any positive change in the weather, it is getting worse by the day. This thing is going nowhere.

This planet is doomed, it will end no matter what we do. The climate is only going to get worse as the years go by. We know this but we are not doing anything to make an impact because we only think of our own interests. This are the end times, lets enjoy them while the last. My advice, do not have a lot of kids. Do not bring them to a painful future.

If the government rely wanted to take care of climate change, it would start in its internal before going out somewhere else. If people really wanted to handle climate change then they would hhave done so a very long time ago.We will just see how things turn out. Lets keep watching.

Aye and here in the UK we are getting ready for snow and ice coming in from Greenland - no actually roaring in is what the Aussie sky presenter said - minus 9 I think he said.

Global warming now officially over - it was all a hoax :slight_smile:

Everything you need to know about climate change: It’s just weather.

Two axioms define the entire “science” of climate change. And 97% of all “climate scientists” believe these axioms, worship these axioms, and recite these axioms as they are falling asleep.

Climate change Axiom #1
Nice weather is a totally random occurrence, and cannot be attributed to anything.

Climate change Axiom #2
Nasty weather, on the other hand, is directly caused by climate change –
and, in fact, nasty weather proves that climate change is real, and the world is doomed.

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Ahh - the nice weather

When i was a kid we used to have snow - not any old snow - our snow was cold - and we had it every year without fail - it was nice.

We had snowball fights, went sledging, made the best slides with old car seats - fell asleep many nights worshiping my past day’s memories and had no idea what an axiom was.

Then I grew older, no time for fun, money to be made - stocked plastic sleighs - they sold like hot cakes every winter.

Enter Mr Nasty weather.

Had to dump the sleighs, relegated to landfill, our city hasn’t seen snow since 2010 - even the mountains gave up this year - they call it ‘mild weather’ but Clint is right, it is nasty.

So i have to regale to my grandchildren my (likely exaggerated) memories of walking to school in the snow drifts - bit like Grandpa Simpson and ww2.

Ah well, it’s just weather, no sign yet of the minus 9 from Greenland that the Aussie guy was talking about in the above video - come to think about it we are nearest North West in UK to Greenland - as I peer out over the ocean it’s either Greenland or Iceland next stop - hope for snow yet

When there are bad people trying to derange your grand-children with “imminent disaster” fiction,- It is up to us the “Elders” of the tribe (And also their own Parents) to reassure them that "There are NO Monsters under the bed ! " They’re your own genes mate !

Why on earth are you doing this ?

Anyhow - interesting discussion here about the realities of the situation and how the ordinary folk will have to AGAIN - bring some sanity into the situation. This should start at the beginning of the relevant section.

That’s what the UK PM says re the virus - so we will lose a few loved ones - stuff happens - oh don’t forget to sing happy birthday while washing.

It’s the elders that are at risk but economically not so important - herd immunity and the herd are younger and they create the wealth.

“Herd immunity is not part of our action plan, but is a natural by-product of an epidemic.”

So says the UK Gov spokesman - others would call that ‘collateral damage’.

Monsters under the bed? - hell no they are on the top.


I saw this video for the first time today. I don’t think it has been posted here in the forum previously.

Dr. Moore gave this presentation in Toronto, in January. — Good stuff, from one of the good guys.


So If temperature is going up - its GLOBAL WARMING
If temperature is going down it’s CLIMATE CHANGE

But it must be doing Something - Right ?

So let’s cut out all the variables and “averages” - Let’s take a look at the temperature from a single place day by day for an entire year !

Here is such a chart - from Ottowa Canada - it has two plots on it

One for 2019 and the other from a century before - before this i.e. 1919

So now we have a bit of a quiz for you :smiley:

You tell me - Which is which ?


  • The Green Line is 2019
  • The Pink Line is 2019

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SO What are we actually Talking ABout Here ?

When I started looking at this stuff nearly 20 years ago - I started because I was beginning to see “stuff” in teh media and thought "Wow if this is TRUE - it sounds serious ! - I better learn about it and see whether it is true or not ;

so I heard that CO2 had increased by 25% - or nearly 100 - to 400 ! :open_mouth:

WOW - THAT’s a LOT !

But 100 what ? - Well ppm of course ! but what is a ppm ?

Well it turns our that its a Part Per Million

So what is 400 Parts per million in terms we might understand - It’s still a lot isn’t it ?

Well 400 Parts per million is 4 molecules in 10,000 of the molecules in the air and 4 molecules in 10,000 - 0.04% of the total air molecules. Now as kid I helped my dad actually build a large greenhouse out of sme old scafold boards we sawed and planed down to make sash bars and some glass sheets - so I know “stuff” about greenhouses and how they work and the glass panes they contain and I was a little surprised that a greenhouse which had 10,000 holes for glass would be so much more effective if it had actually 4 panes of glass and 9,996 panes missing that it would if it gad 3 panes of glass and 9,997 panes missing heres a picture of such a greenhouse for you ;

THis is what 400 ppm = 4 parts in 10,000 = 0.04% actually means ;

Sorry it’s a rectangle as opposed to a square that’s just a reflection of teh shape of my screen and the black “hockey stick” is just the boundary of the “greenhouse”

The rectangle is 100 cells by 100 cells and as we all know 100x100 = 10,000

So perhaps someone could explain to me how the Greenhouse with the 3 panes of glass (I’ve coloured them black just so you can see them) can possibly give rise to Thermageddon type Global Warming - just by putting in the extra pane (Which I’ve coloured Blue ?) !

Incidentally since this is “pure science” I was a little disturbed that these “maths geniusses” couln’t even grasp the fact that an increse of 100 above 300 is Not and increase of 25% at all - it’s an increase of 33.33% ! - but that is by the way, since the numbers are so tiny as to be in real terms meaningless - nevertheless as “scientists” they are under suspicion already for a lack of basic arithmetic !

stay well :sunglasses:

This is a great documentary - but just listen to this Breathtaking ignorance from one Paid to know better !

Don’t you find it weird that the weather has been a lot better recently since nobody is using cars and public transport due to Corona? Strange!!

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Peter Hitchens speaks on Climate Change Hysteria, the death of Science and the reasons for it

The Climate Change mantra has been drowned out by a real issue, this Pandemic is being felt NOW.

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