Climate change is a complete hoax

Interesting Point made here ;
We have been told to the point of hysteria that the world is coming to an end in 12 years by ell parts of the Media, and ALL th e leftist politicians demand that we give up our decadent “White male Patriarchal” lifestyles and embrace the restrictions of a pre-historic lifestyle where power comes from windmills and the sun shining on us benevolently. Big Business is in on the act and a whole massive Industry is dipping it’s bread into our Tax money and scribing disaster scenarios yet the Stock Markets have continued to rise as though perhaps NOBODY really believed what they were dishing out as “facts” to our children and frightening them to death with.

Yet the moment we find a little flu-like germ about the place - we find the markets rather more inclined to become “Believers” !

The underlying explanation would appear to be that everyone actually KNOWS the “Global Warming” BS is exactly that ! - no matter what they might say in Public displays of Virtue Signalling !

Kinda sad - that little flu-like germ killed 259 people in the UK today. People who had no argument with the germ, maybe in some warped thinking they were old and thus deserved to die… but did they?.

Then again 13 were healthy adults yet they succumbed - in these trying times some posts are a type of relief - but there comes a time to step back and think.

Here is the real science behind Global Warming Hypothesis - In ten minutes - without it being “Dumbed down” to Greta Level !

Something which any person wishing to become a Trader ought to be able to understand and reflect on just how “scientific” the preposterous Thermageddonist claims Are !

There are a good few of our more senior members who have shown an ability to grasp the complexities of trading and some of whom I have castigated on their “Black and white” attitudes to simply accepting the Postmodernist agenda’d dogma

10 minutes to consider whether you wish to accept a little “Uncertainty” in this issue ?

It seems the Politicians are beginning to understand