Closing the year

I really hate to admit it, but I am closing the year with a minus. none of the strategies worked for me this December and I was in for a loosing streak.
it was like something keeps sending my trades to my stop loss then going into my original direction. it was so disappointing I had to end the year trading today with some damage to my account.
everyone went crazy, like trading against the news and all. well till January folks.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. December has been a fairly tricky month with lots of it’s action based on central bank activity. The end of year is a time to reflect back and analyse what worked and what didn’t - but at the same time it is the start of something brand-new - a new year with fresh opportunities and renewed optimism. Enjoy your Christmas and treat yourself to a rest from trading pressures. Put it behind you and look forward - that is the good thing about forex, there is always another set-up waiting around the corner! :slight_smile:

Yeah, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Good luck on your next trade, bro :slight_smile:

I hope that during the holidays you will have time to step back and relax a bit, and after that you’ll be able to rethink your strategies and see what went wrong.

Best of luck during the next year.

How is going your trading so far in this year? Better?

How many years have you been trading?
How many of those years have you ended in the black?

How many small (or large) business owners do you know?
How many of those business owners figured everything out in their first year, and ended up positive?
How many of those business owners are still in business 3 years later?

Why would trading your own forex account, be any different than starting a business?


Depends of how good product you have (business). Are you the only one or is there a number of those who have similar product as you. Above all is dedication - as here in forex.

I think fxpipnoichi wants just our support. It’s easier if you know that you are not alone out there.

There it is, bro. That’s the problem.

You might be missing out on effective chart reading practices.

I know you already know that chart reading (including candlestick reading) is very crucial to setting SLs.

Some lot/risk/money management strategies will work but only if you set your expectations right.

I mean, really, let’s face it. If you risk just a little every trade, and you only enter trades every other day, your losses won’t be as band, and you might even end the year with huge profits.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. I feel you’re not a quitter so I guess you’ll eventually find your own preferred strategy.

Are you using a price action strategy?

Using the right kind of approach in our trading and also making the use of the best trading system will give us a good and reliable income from this business…