Cloud mining. Yes or no?

Does anybody of you ever tried cloud mining and what`s you experience if you done it?

In truth, I don’t know of any service that has generated solid consistent returns - that’s not to say they don’t exist.

Have you tried any?

No i didnt tried any yet and thats why i`m researching it.

Idk but, I do mine for almost 3 months now. There is this app and they are already on stage 4. I don’t understand the whole process, good thing its free.

You dont know but youre mining 3 months already… What do you mean?

What I mean is I do mine for already 3 months. Its just a simple procedure where you will click the mine icon and earn points (that are convertible into real money when the app becomes successful and good thing they are in the stage 4 already). But, the process on how it works is what I don’t fully understand.

Sounds strange for me. Will be interesting to keep us up to date with it.

You mean with a cloud mining service provider, or starting up your own server on the cloud to mine? Like AWS or something?

A service provider.

Only ever heard of Genesis Mining, but figured it’s not profitable for the small guy unless you have a ton of cash.

Define “ton of cash”.