Clueless Newbie

See the need to learn FX and Stock trading to offset economy and control my income. Clueless when it comes to currencies trading and was told Babypips was THE place to go and learn. Enjoying the lessons and the way they are presented. Looking for a recommendation for a broker so I can open a demo account. Have a new account at Oanda and will see how that goes but would like 2-3 demo accounts to compare brokers.

HI Allpro77,

learning patiently is very important! So you are on the right path.

I believe comparing demo accounts is not that important but take it important if you wish!

The most important question will be later on to find the right broker. If you are not a US citizen, finding the right one might be easy, if you were one, then it might get difficult.

What are your short and long term expectations?