CMS Trader is a scam broker

I presume then that the money is lost? Is there any company that could recover a part or some of it back?

heard great stories about CMS too. These people are level 1 scammers.

I couldn’t believe my eyes honestly when I did have read that you have invested something like for example $5000 and then it goes even upto $90000 and that’s really it. Don’t you see it’s really happening there or not ? I do not want you to tell this.

Only got back a small percentage.

it is very painful.

Yes, they are.

You are right, all are fake, they are thieves.

If you were dissatisfied with certain brokers! Then try it out with ICMarkets. I am also still trading here (although I am at a loss but my trading method is not good).
My review frankly on this page: In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

It looks like im in the same situation as you were!
Watch this space

Who did you use to recover your funds and how did they do it please?

You must understand the broker rules. Because, we deal with each other on the law, not verbally. I am using icmarket and some brokers that I find beneficial for my tactics

Using charge back,

What % did you get back?

20% only, suffered a great loss.

Hi Derrick
Are you saying you only got back 20%? What happened to the other 80%?

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Gone, did not manage to get back.

Hi there.
Were you never able to get any of your money back?

I found out this website who exposes CMS Trader scam owners. Take a look at this review:
scaminator . com/forex-trading/cmstrader-review

Hope it will help you get your money back

Please, kindly give me a list of the quality brokers that u know, please.

Write janisketlergmailcom - email, he was scammed by CMSTrader but got most of his funds back