CMS Trader is a scam broker

They are scammer, They don’t have negative balance protection. They performed fraudulently trade and opened a silver trade worth US$1.5 million which immediately margin called my account!

yes I am sure…they are thieves!!!

They are real scammers. I invested to this FRAUD CMS trader more than 50k dollars.
It was not the first company which scammed me. But it was the biggest amount in my experience. As usual it happens. Everything started from 1000 Usd of my investments. First two month everything was clear. I got the withdrawal for 200$. And when I gave them higher amount the withdrawal is not working. Just scheme of scammers. When we send little money everything is good and alway they ask you for more money. And everyone want to get more profit as usual.
I hate them realle. cause they ignored me and my requests for 5 month.
I decided not to deal with them and to start war against them. This war was for 4 month. It was really hard process. But I got some of my money back. I did it by bank system with the help of real lawyers. janisketlergmailcom I can explain for all people how I did this. I can share my experience and give some advices what first things you need to do when you understand tht you were scammed.

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Please explain and share, I was scammed by CMS Trader for a large amount.

See this from another thread here

First of all for all people who were scammed. What you need to do to get the success:

  1. Make all screens from tha platform
  2. Save all statements, invoices, wire details, receipts of payments that you send
  3. Save all e-mails with these scammers
  4. Save all papers that you signed with them.
    These are the main base that can get the succesful result. All process contain a lot of factors and steps. And in my situation it took 4 month. There were real process between banks, payment system, arbitration, regulation and other sides. As I wrote I didn’t do it just by myself. If somebody want I can recommend law company which helped me. Write on my mail. Here will not make the advertisement for anyone. it is not my business,
    As I know now that not everytime is possible to get money back. If we will speak about simple chargeback process. In this case all transactions must be done by bank card. And to get it succesful the last transaction must be done not longer than 30 days ago. By the rules there are 540 days for this process.But be sure bank will canel this request. I tried, it was impossible.

janisketlergmailcom is not a URL website address, could you please provide the URL for janisketlergmailcom?

You managed to recover all your money from CMS Trader?

I can confirm CMS Trader is a scam broker. Unfortunately, I invested some money wirh them and they grew my account a lot in the beginning and it looked like they were trading responsibly. However, after a few months they began to make grossly irresponsable trades, vastly overtrading and eventually crashed my account. I did manage to get some small withdrawal payments from them before they crashed my account, but I lost about 35-40% of my original investment.
Unfortunately I had introduced someone to them who introduced several others and they all lost everything.
They are scammers. Stay away from them.

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Yes I got the biggest part of my money back. This is my e-mail. I posted mail cause maybe somebody want to ask questions not on forum. I did this way before.
I used the help of lawyers from

Hello Derrick, i too have just been scammed by Cmstrader for a vast amount of funds. Did you ever get your money back? If so how?

A pyramid scheme would look like this. Never send money to a broker who say they will make trades for you.

The FCA warned about this company in 2016 -

The firm is listed as Unregistered by the FCA and their London address is different to what their website says. The FCA strongly recommend avoiding dealing with this firm.

The firm’s contact details on their website are odd -
They have an address in London which is listed as 3 Temasek Avenue. 3 Temasek Avenue is in Singapore.
They say they can be contacted at the London address via another company, Safe Side Consulting Ltd.
The Ludgate Hill, London address is different to the address the FCA have for the company.

You must be joking. This link goes to a suspicious-looking Russian? business site.

Awers Consulting is registered in the Seychelles. Why would anyone in their right mind use a legal firm based in the 28th most corrupt country in the world? (Transparency International - Seychelles)

I presume then that the money is lost? Is there any company that could recover a part or some of it back?

heard great stories about CMS too. These people are level 1 scammers.

I couldn’t believe my eyes honestly when I did have read that you have invested something like for example $5000 and then it goes even upto $90000 and that’s really it. Don’t you see it’s really happening there or not ? I do not want you to tell this.

Only got back a small percentage.

it is very painful.

Yes, they are.

You are right, all are fake, they are thieves.