CNBC Winner Edward Burke's strategy?

Just curious if anyone knows any of the details of what trading strategy Edward Burke used to win the CNBC contest? If you don’t know, it was a contest for 10 weeks to see who could make the most money investing in stocks and forex. Also, I was curious if the actual results were published as far as what % they made in the end to win? I looked a bit and didn’t find anything about that.


Hi! I’m EDWARD BURKE and in response to your thread, I’d like to respond by stating that I have a pretty good idea :smiley: and will soon be exposing related information via my upcoming ebook series, which details secret strategies I had utilized throughout the contest for both stock and currency decisionmaking. I believe I’m on to something insofar as my trading has been consistently successful and now aim to teach others who are willing to commit to proven systems that work in ANY market environment. If you recall, I had won that contest during one of the most horrific environments since the depression, so I hope that counts for something. Keep your eye on GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, etc. for announcements of its release, which I’ve learned could be this month sometime (July 09). Thanks.

1000 bucks says this guys is full of sh*t. LoL. What are the chances that this thread would come up and the same guy would just happen to be here and respond. Watch out for classicrocker.

ok can you give us some tips here maybe start this thread with you trading style ?

best regards

Classicrocker is the real deal. He really is divulging his strategy on his website. Check it out, I found it on the third page of Google when I searched for “Ed Burke, CNBC”.

I would like to get opinions on Edmund Burke. I know he won the CNBC challenge so he is definitely great at picking stocks. I had heard he was offering a stock picking service. Has anyone tried it and what were the results?

Don’t waste your time. After a horrible experience with him, the real truth is he didn’t write the book and he does not trade real money. The guy can not offer up any real trades at all. He doesn’t even do the stock picks. It is done by a hermit recluse who doesn’t actually trade live either. The two of them are only out to get your money and hook you into their monthly service for $95 a month.

Ever hear the old adage, “Those who can do, those who can’t teach”? Well in this case, its those who can trade actually trade. Those who can’t sell ebooks and sell theory and not reality.

The system they tout is a very simple EMA Crossover strategy with a pullback to the previous bar high. They use eSignal software to scan for crossovers that meet their “criteria” and then allegedly trade them. The thing is they can’t provide one single shred of proof that they are trading real money. The only money they are getting is yours!

Their scam artists. Don’t waste your time or money.


My name is Edward Burke …

Gotta love it! :0)

As far as I am concerned you just lost your 1000 dollars.
How can you be so incredibly critical when you obviously have absolutely no idea of what he shows in his course.
I bought it and it’s the real deal!!!
My questions were answered immediately in depth and sometimes ran to two pages.
I lost e mails and he sent repeats several times. I cannot praise him or the course too much.
I got more from his course than another I just paid 15 times as much to buy!
Good on you classicrocker /ED


Hi guys/gals, Hey anyone can show you a chart and tell you if you were using there strategy you would have gone short at this high and long at this low ect… But the truth is you should find your own strategy. One that combines your mindset, type of trading plan, personality, time available to trade, and everything else that makes you YOU. There is no “holy grail” of strategies. I am just an newbie but one think I know is the only way I will learn to be a profitable trader is by practicing the basics on my demo account. I dont think what it takes to be a good trader can be bought. All we need to know can be found for free on the net like here in babypips school and many other sites. But if your a hyperactive compulsive gambler who happens to have a gift for making bad decisions then no amount of schooling will make you a trader. So i say go ahead buy this guys software or whatever but I would rather use the money to make a few pips. My name is (EDUMUND BURKE! Legend)