Code Converter of MT4 to MT5 exists!

All these years, I’ve been made to believe that it is not possible to convert customizable MT4 files to MT5 ones. Turns out, back in 2010, some coder already invented a Script to do just that. Here’s his/her forum thread.

Have any of you used it? How do you find it? Please share your experiences here.

If you know other alternatives, please share them here as well.


It’s a failure script it’s just change the file extension from .mq4 to .mq5 !!

I am about to go live with my broker. I can’t decide whether to use MT4 or MT5. Both have worked well on my demo account. But not sure how to choose the one when I go live.

You can maybe check out the settings and find it there.

Use MT4 if you are just going to trade currencies.