Coding ea forex

Hey Guys ,
I want to know what is the coding of Scalper EAs in most common EAs . Like how they are coded what is the inputs or we can say on which basis they execute a trade .

I have seen many EAs which take very low lot size and low take profit , the amount of trade taken is how they make money .
For ex , 10 x 0.10 lot , take profit would be like in 10 - 20 pips range .

They make money in a easy way by taking multiple trades in a day .
Can anyone explain in which basis they take trade or what is the common code .

Hope you guys will give some useful informations , please don’t spam by replying not useful informations or which are out of the topic .
Thank You

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Scalping EA’s are very easy to code, but enabling scalping depends on your broker. For instance, if your broker’s minimum distance is less than 3-5 pips per trade, has very low spreads (0.3-1pip per trade) and relatively high leverage, then this type of broker makes scalping doable. The coding generally would be: (Your strategy criteria met+ (Placing the trade greater than) MarketInfo(MODE_STOPLEVEL); It’s up to you to discover what is the minimum distance in pips your broker allows for placing a trade and that code would be written like this:

double d_check_stop_lvl = MarketInfo(_Symbol,MODE_STOPLEVEL);
Print(“MINIMUM DISTANCE IS:”," ",d_check_stop_lvl);

And you’d place this code into the “OnInit() function” because everytime your EA loads, it’ll show you how many pips minimum is required to take a trade.

So to sum everything up: 1. Your broker must be a broker that allows scalping. 2. You must determine the minimum pips required to place a trade. (If it’s more than 5 pips, then this isn’t a scalping broker).

0.10 isn’t a low lot-size. It’s $1.00 per pip which is relatively high