Coding ea forex

Hey Guys ,
I want to know what is the coding of Scalper EAs in most common EAs . Like how they are coded what is the inputs or we can say on which basis they execute a trade .

I have seen many EAs which take very low lot size and low take profit , the amount of trade taken is how they make money .
For ex , 10 x 0.10 lot , take profit would be like in 10 - 20 pips range .

They make money in a easy way by taking multiple trades in a day .
Can anyone explain in which basis they take trade or what is the common code .

Hope you guys will give some useful informations , please don’t spam by replying not useful informations or which are out of the topic .
Thank You

Where have you seen these?
Can you buy them?

Get in touch with this guy, he has developed a bot.

Thanks for sharing this.

Check out the bot I developed ! Maybe me and your friend can partner on a project!