Coinbase Scam Dec '22

So, I have a Coinbase account that I don’t use too often as I usually just trade crypto through my broker. I do use it occasionally though and my bank account is linked to it.

Yesterday my phone started blowing up with scam calls where a recorded voice would say my name and tell me someone was trying to change the password. I knew it was a scam and have an authenticator app, so I didn’t think anything of it. I would block one number and they’d call from another, but eventually they stopped.

This morning the calls started again and I thought maybe I should check my email and account to be sure. There were about 15 emails where someone was trying to change my email address and I couldn’t login to my account because it kept telling me the password was wrong. I requested a new password and a password email came in - it looked like it was from Coinbase, but the email was NOT a coinbase email, so I didn’t reply.

At this point I realized that they must have gotten into the account somehow and changed my email to theirs, so I started trying to contact support to sort it out. The online support is literally just a robot that couldn’t even begin to help me. It kept asking me to sign into my account, which I couldn’t do, since the email had been changed. I called phone support over and over for it to literally hang up on me and never connect me to a real person. It was reaaaaaally frustrating, especially since I was freaking out because my bank was connected to that account.

The weird thing is that when I went back into my email, all the emails sent from Coinbase about the request to change my email were gone as if they’d been deleted, but there didn’t seem to be any suspicious activity on my email. I still did 2 factor authentication and some other things though.

This has been really frustrating and I’m never using Coinbase again since I see that their customer service is literally no help. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, I still don’t see how they got into my account with all the security measures in place. :roll_eyes:


If they had got into your coinbase account they would have had drained it completely. Most likely they got access to your email account in the hope of getting access to your coinbase account. They were trying to make you request a password change and then send you the fake password change email so that they can capture your password. Your 2FA stopped them this time so they backed off and deleted the evidence. Your email account was compromised, change the password now by going to the official email web page and making sure it is using https before you change the password. Do not rely on an email app that logs you in automatically to do that.


Oh man. I’m sorry to hear that. Your suspicions are 100% right, in my opinion. You were smart to not reply to any emails.


Glad youn had a authenation app. is garbage. My bank won’t let me connect my bank account to it. I use cash app to convert my bitcoin from my broker.

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I would change my email password and reset/enable 2FA.

Are you sure the emails disappeared or maybe they were moved to the SPAM folder automatically.

I use CB extensively, their Android app, the account, and their Pro/Exchange/Active Trade trading platforms (all separate interfaces using the same account).

CB has multilayered security including 2FA, IP whitelist, device approval that needs to be initiated and confirmed from the same device, and the ability to lock the entire account if you still have access.

Your device might also be compromised, so check for malware, viruses, spyware, etc.

Hope you get this worked out.

Omg this is scary. I haven’t had this happen to me! Is your password secure? Like do you use LastPass or some password manager like that?