Coinexx and fxbrew the SAME COMPANY?!

hey guys i been researching offshore brokers and what i noticed is that both coinexx and fxbrew have the same exact promotions, accounts, they both dont have a number to be reached, and i even opened up demo with both brokers and their spread is the exact same down to the decimal. It worries me because why would a brokerage need to open under a different domain unless they plan on taking everyones money and disappearing one day?!
they’re spreads are slightly higher than my oandas core+comission but the round trip is much cheaper. can anyone give some feed back? i feel like this is some type of scam being ran but if you guys look into, both companies are basically identical. any feed back much appreciated

they use the same broker service

so youre saying you think they’re two different companies?

yes they are not the same, just like like eaglefx, cryptorocket and hugosway they use the same broker start-up service

Which means you cannot trust the both of them because they are not big enough to sustain the company incase of a bad season. Use a broker that stands on its own and has solid liquidity providers.

they use the same prime broker. many traders have 100k + account with them, im not complaining :smile:

I totally agree with SmallPaul. You have nothing to worry about. This strategy is used by many people as it is relatively convenient. As you already understood, Coinexx and fxbrew are two completely different companies. An analogy can be drawn with forums. For example, babypips is built on a specific engine. I’ve seen about ten similar to this forum. Both externally (that is, various buttons and icons) and internally (registration system, site algorithms, etc.), but this does not mean that these are the same forums or forums from the same owner. For example, when I formalized my company, I used this instruction People who also followed it may have some parameters that are similar to mine, but this does not mean that we have different companies.

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same with , all three also have the same spreads so they are using the same prime broker

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@SmallPaul @cardonacarlos I have noticed the same. I have done analysis on core trading hours and spread on coinexx, and turnkey, and it is identical. Their prices, core trading hours, and spread. They also have the exact same accounts with same spread and swap fees, and instruments…

I do trade live on Coinexx right now. made my live MT5 account on their dashboard I changed its password via MT5. I figured that would be the right thing to do as you never know if they have clear text access to your password. Since then my MT5 and the account works fine. However I can no longer access the account from their dashboard. I can log in, and i can select my demo accounts, however I cannot actually select the live account with in their dashboard. I’ve tried resetting the password with in the portal to the password which i changed to, but still no luck. Working with support At the moment. Any help is appreciated

couple more questions for you, any other brokers which you have experience with, with a real live account that take US clients and offer MT5?

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