Combined drawdown

If you are using various systems,how would you know combined drawdown?

For example,if you are going to use three EA at the same time,how would you know drawdown created by those combined three EA beforehand?

You can just average each EA’s drawdown but this is far from accurate.

You can calculate manually or make drawdown calculating EA specially for this purpose,but there has to be more clever methods .

Hi, maybe you can write something about yourself? create portfolio from these three EA’s, and you will get drawdown. Regards Greg

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I think you are right. I also agree with you.

With drawdown being a common principle how volatility of an investment is measured, I heavily rely on it to find out the potential risk associated with an investment. The simple formula I use is by subtracting the maximum drawdown level from the high-water mark, and then dividing the difference.

Please explain this to me if it is not completely clear.

You can also talk about those EAs here or create a blog or a thread. This will also help you in the future.