Coming Back to try on comdolls

After an year of absence from trading, now it is decided to come back for a try on comdolls.

Pairs traded are AUDUSD, USDCAD and NZDUSD only.

Technical analysis is based on discretionary set ups.

Risk per trade will be always 2%

Set ups that offer RR less than 1:1 will not be considered

Trades executed will be posted with reason and targets after execution.

Those who are not familiar with my trading methods and analysis are requested to read my previous thread Bijoy’s Trading Set ups

Please wish me Luck on this new Journey.


Went long at previous broken resistance which may act as new support on AUDUSD

4 Hour chart of AUDUSD

A 40 pip target with 40 pip stop loss. 1:1 rr.


good luck!

Welcome back Bijoymj! One thing I’ve observed about this year’s market environment is that if you’re into trends, the crosses have been better plays. The USD component tends to be choppy because of the daily economic and news cycle, so if ranging and volatility spikes are your thing, then the USD comdolls might be your thing. Just thought I’d share… glad to have ya back and good luck!

Good luck!

Shorted NZDUSD at break of a 1 hour consolidation with an rr of 1:2. SL is 50 pips and TP is 100 pips. Risk is 2% as always.

AUDUSD is still open

Stopped Out: -40 pips, -2%

Net return in this quarter up to this trade: -2%(1 trade)

Moved Stop loss to BE at entry point

btw cropping your image to 900 pixel width and using an img link will give best chart pictures.
much clearer.


Welcome back Bijoy! All the best, happy trading :8:

i’m happy to see your return also, i’m curious have you changed trading strat ?
if so i’m curious what and how your doing things now, as your original thread was an inspiration to me.

Thanks to everybody for your hearty welcome. Let all of us try together to achieve some success in this field.

Jamie Lyons: Trading strategy is not changed. But approach is changed. Became more patient, No over trading. Never lot of pairs. Only three pairs. AUDUSD, NZDUSD and USDCAD

This time I am shorting the Aussie at previous support with an rr of 1:2.

Trade Hit TP @ 0.8436. +100 pips gain with a 4% return.

Net return in this quarter up to this trade: +2%(2 trades)

This is my 4th trade in this quarter.

Shorted NZDUSD at previousSupport/Resistance. Shorted @ 0.8440 with TP @ 0.8320 (120 pips) and SL @ 0.8500 (60 pips) with an rr of 1:2

Here is my 5th trade in this quarter.

Long USDCAD at Previous support

Long from 1.0908 with SL 1.0848(60 pips) and TP 1.0968(60 pips)

rr is 1:1

Trade Hit Stop Loss. -60 pips. -2% gain

Net return in this quarter up to this trade: +0%(3 trades)

Sorry guys. I was little late in posting this trade as I was busy with some other stuff.

After the loosing trade of NZDUSD, I again shorted the same pair at 0.8492 which was in line with a falling trend line. THE rr set is 1:3 as the stop loss is at 0.8542 (50 pips) and TP is at 0.8342 (150 pips)

The USDCAD image was inserted wrongly

Trade hit TP with a gain of 60 pips and 2% return

Net return in this quarter up to this trade: +2%(4 trades)

Here is my 7th trade in this quarter.

Long USDCAD at 1.0930 with SL 1.0880(50 pips), TP 1.0980(50 pips) and rr 1:1