Commentry on crosses

hi all,
i am new to fx and have been learning from all the sources that are available on the net. i have paid for some “so called surefire failsafe” courses and have found them wanting. the best knowledge has come from forums like these which are interactive and totally free. as a result of my studies i have successfully demo-traded on cmc’s Marketmaker platform.
my 2 bits worth is that using the slope of the MAs when they change direction in longer timeframes (i use 1H; 5ema) is a very consistent and rewarding way to trade fx pairs (i trade all majors). i tried the shorter timeframes but was not happy. this method is giving me such good results that i intend to go trading live very shortly. i am sorry that i cannot post charts as am poor in computerese and have not posted so far as have been too busy studying. hope this helps.
happy trading


One little suggestion. Next time you refer to crosses you should make it clear that you mean moving average crossovers to avoid confusion. When I saw the title of your post I thought you were offering up or looking for commentary on cross rate pairs, which is what crosses are in forex.

dinesh, could u please give us more details on the ema method u use



I have been trading the GBP/JPY cross so I thought the same thing :slight_smile: .

Hey topgun, which broker seems to have the lowest spreads on GBP/JPY that you have seen? thanks:)

I use Oanda and their spread is 7. Below is a link to about 15 brokers and Oanda seems to have the best spread that I know of. I never used any other broker so I am just going by what I heard and read.

OANDA FXTrade - Comparing the Spreads of Different Forex Brokers