Commission Query - Are these high?


Are these high for FX based commissions -

10000 lots - $3 commission round turn

20,000 lots - $4 commission round turn

30,000 lots - $5 commission round turn

I’m doing some digging on a trading system that’s in place on a fund.

If I am not wrong, are you referring to these commissions charge by your broker on Mini lots?
You can go for various ECN brokers, they provide commissions of like $2,3,4 etc for 1 standard lot.

These are commissions taken in a large pooled fund/account.

So for example, say the fund had 10m GBP in it,the strategy would do an average volume per month of about 2-3 yards, so 30,000 lots, which has a $5 commission round turn.

Im wondering if this is normal or is it high?

seems average tbh.

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Sounds just fine to me. But before you invest, I would suggest you to do a little more research and then finalise.

No, they don’t appear to be high but don’t let commission be the only factor while choosing a broker.

0 comm brokers are also to be questioned as well btw :slight_smile: just bear that in mind as their spreads then in turn would usuallyyyy be higher than average

If you think you are being charged high commissions, you can simply change your broker and look for someone who has low commissions.