Commitment of traders index

So I made my own index using excel and for a couple of markets the index reading exceeds 100 and even negative numbers too. Is this normal or should I double check the formula inputs?

we can’t answer your question on Excel if we don’t what you’ve done eactly

i mean,
have you manually inputted data
have you just created formulae
are you using Data sources or Data Feeds

also, what are you referring to
is it possible to upload the spreadsheet to give us a better of what you are talking about ?

Thanks for replying Martin_K , I actually used the formula provided by Larry Williams in his book on the commitment of traders report and even more specifically followed the directions give by a fellow babypips contributor Bbalazs on the forum ‘COT Report Analysis - a thread on market sentiment’ post# 1720.
My model is pretty much exactly the same way but if you would still like to see mines let me know.

oh ok… all good then.

No, I’m good, thanks for the offer i have a system that works for me and i stick to it no matter what.

Dude, I only asked if the cot index range beyond 100-0 was normal. Since I have readings above 160 on the 3 year look-back of the Yen index and readings below -10 on the loonie 3 year look-back index. I simply reference my resources of formulas and data inputs since you indeed asked. I wasn’t trying to “sell” you anything, but thanks for nothing, nonetheless.

i know were you not trying to sell me anything
what are you talking about[quote=“wisefool, post:3, topic:123798”]
but if you would still like to see mines let me know.

i said what i said because you said this.
so i said… all good thank you
that’s it

And what about mistakes in the formula? You think it’s not possible? You should check every symbol cause everything depends on that.