Common Sense Chart Reading and Trading

Based on simple price action and common sense I intend to discuss my trading style with defined entry, SL and TP in this thread. Anyone who finds their style similar to mine may join me. Anyone interested to understand it are also welcome. Glad to share here in this beautiful sunshine community. Aum Shanti!

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Here is an EURAUD Trade, where I waited for the deepest entry first hand, but didn’t get. However, Got an entry today


This is one taken in AUDCAD few days back

The final result of the above trade

Charts without narrative are like black and white photographs. If it is not too much trouble can you provide some narrative explaining what your strategy is, how you plan when identifying a zone of interest and how you decide to enter the trade based on your strategy and plan?

Is the entry the filled box?

Sure. I will try to put narratives there. Simply speaking, the method is to identify key Supply and demand levels, where there were traps laid in the past while they formed, and traps laid when they are approached. Thats the only logic.

After a break of around 2 weeks, took a EURCAD trade, SELL

The reason for the above sell is a Ignored Demand became Supply on H4 and while approaching the supply second time, price ignored a lot of resistance on the journey and broke the supply the was holding those resistances, implying a lot of liquidity for Banks.

Hi @vivek7125, interesting explanation. Are you using pure price action or you also mix with other strategy? Are your trading solely depend on one time frame?

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Yes, Pure Price Action. I check multi TFs. Ty

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Final EURCAD Trade