Compare retail broker and interbank prices

I have been around few trading forums just reading and there is a lot of complaining about retail forex brokers dishonesty. I have noticed that people complain most of all that their retail broker shades the prices on them (moves the price few pips against the already entered trade) and runs their stops moving the price away from the actual price. My question is: is there a free or cheap data feed or chart service that lets you see prices on actual interbank market (ebs or reuters) with which you can check against prices your broker has in real time to be sure you are not being scammed?

The reason I am asking is if the broker is honest and he passes on your positions to interbank market, the small slippage is unavoidable and during news it will grow bigger, but if the broker takes the other side of your trade - he is financially interested in your losing and in this situation he will try to make you lose. So, I will rephrase my question, how many pips slippage is acceptable? and is there any cheap data provider up to $100 a month for interbank price?

Interesting question. I was under the impression that these feeds were only available to the banks themselves, but i cannot confirm this.

I am pretty sure its available to everyone and I believe offers interbank price quotes for free and if you want it live theres a small monthly fee. However in my opionion your broker shows the actual “true” price (plus/minus 2-3 pips) so unless you just want to see how much the broker is going against you. I guess if your broker is not scum you’ll find that his/her quotes and interbank quotes only differ by a few pips. I just stick with broker’s quotes.
I reckon 2-3 pips slippage is normal especially in volatile marker conditions. But my broker ( for instace wont confirm my order if its not the same price as when I clicked. So no deal in this case. It happens rarely and most of the time my order is placed instantly with the same price I see on my monitor.
PS.: offers interbank quotes just checked

To Forexfox :

Here is the answer to your question. :slight_smile:

Below is the hyperlink for the demo of an NDD (non dealing desk broker). That is, you trade direct from the interbank market.

I got this one from Tess, a forex trader who posted recently and is really in the know on these things.

The chart is live, set at 1 hour time frame.
If you set your own charting at 1 hour time frame, you can compare pip by pip!

My own broker in Australia, has, at most, a 1 pip difference and I consider that to be perfectly acceptable considering that your standard broker is a middle man and he has to make money too.

The NDD live hyperlink is :
EFX - IntelliChart

My own broker is :
Best Forex Trading - Broker Forex - Chart Forex - Contact Us

Kind regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

thank you kiwipipper and tymen1, it answers my question