Compensating for a downward spiral

When buying on a bearish trend and getting deeper in the losing pattern, is is a common practice, whilst keeping that bad slope deal going, in hope that it will go positive sometime , to try to compensate by doing a new sell deal on the same currency pair ?

Thanks !

i can barely understand your post. But i am assuming you are averaging down as i understand it. Also you said the key word “HOPE” thats a no no. I dont care what you were doing get out. once that word is uttered you better be flat.

It seems to be a common practice and also a losing practice. The professionals always say the key to success is to cut losers and let the winners run. Most newbies do the opposite.

Thankyou for your replies to my admittedly confusing post
I have read more about Hedging bets which is basically what I was trying to describe there. I understand more about the techniques now.