Complete Currency Dynamics

Good evening.
Here’s Tuesday’s totals.
Quarterly table.

  • GBP (blue) most bid that session +3.25%.
  • CHF (pink) most sold that session -2.77%.
  • Positive flow 6.9%.

Well, the Pound got a serious boost that session. So much so that it edged out the USD (white) for the entire day. They sat at +1.81%. But, that’s saying a lot for the GBP, because they just came off such a losing previous session. Quick turn-around.

Also interesting to me is about the CHF (pink). I know it’s just one day, but this loss today just erased all of the gains they had since the last 4 days. That should be noted. I mean, I don’t know, did their central bank traders not like the way it was heading? Who knows, really. Actually, it all came during this last US session, only. So…maybe not. Anyway. The only thing I’m mostly concerned with is whether they will drop below the JPY (purple). I just put more weight into the line up than anything. It’s all about comparison, to me.

That’s nice.
Well, have a good night. And see ya in the morning.
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Good morning.
Here’s how Wednesday’s market started out.
Quarterly table.

  • JPY (purple) most bid currency +2.11%.
  • AUD (red) most sold currency -4.30%.
  • Much negative flow -10.6%.

Looks like good old fashion risk-off. And everybody went the other way. Except the CAD (brown). Slightly positive.

The only thing mentionable is how the monthly table is turning out. Ugly. Look.

The JPY (purple) has climbed up closer to the USD (white). I guess once NFP comes, maybe it’ll get more clearer.

Alright. Let’s get on with the day.
See ya later.
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Good morning.
Let’s see more Wednesday market.
Quarterly table.

  • NZD (dark red) most bid that session +0.35%.
  • CAD (brown) most sold that session -1.23%.
  • A bit of negative flow -1.6%.

Ok. So, basically, the Comms pared back a little of their losses last session. And, once again, the CAD goes the other way from those 2. Their continuing on their way down. That’s all there is to it. Oh, I see. They have an interest rate decision today at 10am. Well, the market has been seeing this coming, and I don’t think it’s going to be good. They’ll probably say that they don’t see any kind of rate hike anytime soon. I think they were suppose to have one this year, on the table. So the market probably thinks otherwise. Maybe none. We’ll see what they say.

Anyway. Oh. I did read something very interesting yesterday about the CAD and the USD. Trump apparently has said to them, along with Mexico and some others, that all these trade deals he’s been making are coming with a major condition. That would be that these countries (CAD) will have to make sure their exchange rates favor the US. In any specific reason I couldn’t tell you what that is. In any case, these trade deals are coming with some serious currency stipulations. Like they cannot intervene and decrease their exchange rates. Well, there’s a lot more to it, but, just so you know, we aren’t the only ones concerned what happens in this market. A lot of eyes are on what the exchange rates are.

That’s all good and nice.

So…let’s just play our game…He can play his.
It’s all business.

Alright. Make it a good day today.
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Good evening.
Here’s what happened on Wednesday.
Quarterly table.

  • GBP (blue) most bid that session +1.94%.
  • CAD (brown) most sold that session -2.83%.
  • Negative flow -3.26%.
  • JPY (purple) most bought currency today +2.70%.
  • AUD (red) most sold currency today -4.20%.

The GBP came back from their sliding lately.

The CAD still on the down slope.

Interesting for today. Check out the Majors.

  • JPY (purple) +2.70%.
  • EUR (yellow) +1.93%.
  • USD (white) +1.85%.
  • GBP (blue) +1.39%.
  • CHF (pink) +1.25%.

The rest (Comms) all pretty deep in the red.

Well, I don’t have much else. Other than the monthly table.

Boy…that JPY met up with his partner, finally.

Everybody’s positioning up before NFP. So, what do we see?

The Comms are slipping up.
The CAD is gonna scrape the bottom.
The Dollar looks to go high.
The JPY want to tail them.
And the Pound does whatever they want.

We really do have to see what NFP brings.
Alright. Have a good night.
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Good morning.
What’s happening on this Thursday.
Quarterly table.

  • NZD (dark red) most bid currency +1.19%.
  • GBP (blue) most sold -.64%.
  • Positive flow 1.9%.

Alright. Not a whole lot happening. More or less slanted to the risk-on side. Actually, the only positive currencies, that session, is the Comms brothers. AUD (red) was as +.61%. Everybody else was in the negative. And not in a lot either.

Seems to be a calm day. Although I would never know if it rocked…then by the end of the session paired back all the gains or losses. Looking like nothing much happened. In any case, the ending numbers are more important, to the swing traders anyway.

Ok. Let’s see how today goes.
Be careful.
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Good morning.
We got a little more Thursday.
Quarterly table.

  • CAD (brown) most bid currency that session +1.27%.
  • GBP (blue) most sold currency that session -2.03%.
  • Positive flow 2.04%.

Ok. So we got a bump of the CAD, before the fireworks take place for them.
The GBP still dropping today. We’ll have to see if this continues or if they’ll bounce back. Just look at the blue this week. Yesterday they took the US session. And the day before that, they took the US session. We’ll see what happens. I do have to say…they are the most volatile currency. Right? Like, when they move, they move. Don’t know which way, but they go. And that’s more than the other ones, in comparison.

Other than that. The market isn’t really moving a whole lot, so far today. Who knows…the US session could change that very easily. Maybe the CAD has something in store for us.

Alright. Be smart.
See ya at the end.
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Good evening.
Let’s look at the carnage. Thursday.
Quarterly table.

  • JPY (purple) most bid that session +3.88%.
  • EUR (yellow) most sold that session -4.32%.
  • Negative flow -1.6%.
  • JPY most bought currency today in total +3.94%.
  • EUR most sold currency today in total -5.26%.

Well, now we have some movement, huh? All the attention went to the EUR. I heard they talked down global growth, and such. But, whatever it was, it wasn’t good. I guess that would explain the JPY taking the reins. Hey…when things aren’t looking good, they are where you want to go and park it.

What else.
Oh, how about the monthly table.

Yeah boy, the purple (Yen) right up there where they feel comfortable, next to the white (USD). I told you about that. In fact, I was really tooting that horn a couple weeks ago about their divergence. It just wasn’t right. And I remember wondering whether one would go up or the other coming down. Well folks, now we know, the JPY went up.

Oh, I just noticed something, on the first table. The USD just cracked the 0% line, above water. Look. I don’t think that’s a magic thing or anything (that’s silly). It’s just if you look back to the hundreds of data that I have here and look at that context, it usually sits that whoever is above it will tend to stay above it. And likewise below the 0% line. I don’t know…I kind of think it’s some kind of tell. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trade on that fact, I just keep it a mental note, that’s all.

There’s just a couple of inferences that I have picked up on when it comes to my line up.

  • When someone’s at the highest, they tend to stay the highest.
  • When someone’s at the lowest, they tend to stay at the lowest.
  • The positives will tend to stay positive.
  • The negatives will tend to stay negative.

This mostly holds true better on the higher (quarterly) table, moreso than the monthly table.

Ok. Enough nonsense.
All I know is tomorrow’s Friday. And let the fireworks begin. Please be careful.

And by the way…I’ll always be here for ya. :slight_smile:
Alright. Make it a good night.
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Good morning.
How’s NFP Friday starting out?
Quarterly table.

  • JPY (purple) most bid currency +3.02%.
  • AUD (red) most sold currency -1.94%.
  • Pretty good negative flow -8.22%.

Well, it’s pretty cut and dry. It was all about the JPY. All the attention went there, buying it up. And I think it’s still risk-off all related. Cause the Comms were all in the negative.

Take a look at the monthly table. Remember when I said that change likes to happen around the turn of a month? Look.

Purple (JPY) was on the move, and now made it to the top.
And I think yesterday’s party is over, for the CAD (brown).
Comms are teetering. Don’t look good.

I’ll see ya in a few.
MY DAILY’S.xlsx (425.6 KB)

Good morning.
Last one before NFP time.
Quarterly table.

  • NZD (dark red) most bid that session +2.56%.
  • GBP (blue) most sold that session -2.44%.
  • Positive flow 3.02%.

Ok. Well, I’m not going to talk. Got NFP in 5 min from now. I would like to see it. Get a feel for how it goes.

Alright. Here’s the monthly table also.

Ok. See ya on the other side.
MY DAILY’S.xlsx (434.7 KB)

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Good evening.
Here’s the fall out.
Quarterly table.

  • NZD (dark red) most bid that session +1.51%.
  • GBP (blue) most sold that session -3.24%.
  • Positive flow .92%.
  • NZD most bought for a total today +3.98%.
  • GBP most sold for a total today -6.05%.

So, let’s see. What did the USD (white) do since the NFP report? They dropped -.73%. Not all that much. I seen they had a ridiculous number come out. I bet you there will be a lot of people saying it’s a one off. 20k? Really?

Anyway. They didn’t get all the attention from the money this afternoon. It was a pile on with the Pound. That’s where the attention went to. And as they were taking a beating, the NZD kept up the buying. That would be 2 sessions in a row. Now that’s moving.

Did you notice the JPY took a hit this afternoon also? They dropped -.95%. That’s a bit more than the Dollar. So, they went down together. Like best buds.

That’s nice. Hey, I wanted to throw this out to ya. Like, whoever really gets into it on the weekends, there’s quite a bit of things to look at here. This is since last NFP report. I have both the quarterly running table and the monthly table. All this is nothing but complete days.

Boy…I can’t tell you what this month is showing. Whether it’s risk-on or risk-off, I just don’t know. Cause you got the purple (JPY) and the white (USD) up there. But also the NZD (dark red) and the AUD (red) very close to them. shrug

I don’t know. But you know what? We really don’t need to know what’s gonna happen in the future, cause if we have found our edge, and do what we do, then we should know that over time we will come out on top.

Can you tell I’ve picked up the book TRADING IN THE ZONE ? Been reading that yesterday and today. I really got some more insight from it again. It’s been a few years since I first got it. But now, it’s like relearning a lot of it.

I’ll tell ya. When you ask yourself if you have learned something…don’t take for granted if you think you know something. I see it like this. If you have read that entire book, and you truly can say that you know all of it, and have learned all of it. Then there is absolutely no excuse why you shouldn’t be a master trader.

I believe all the answers are in there.
And it’s about time that I get to the bottom of it, within myself.
And btw…I will.
As long as the earth still moves, I will keep on learning.

Alright. Enough nonsense. It’s the weekend.
Make it a great one!
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Good morning.
Here’s what the open looked like.
Quarterly table.

  • EUR (yellow) most bid currency +1.07%.
  • GBP (blue) most sold currency -1.55%.
  • Negative flow -1.84%.

Ok. Well, that’s a little interesting. No Asian currencies as with the most attention. All European. Looks like a Brexit outcome or something.

I don’t know. Well, it’s Monday.
Let’s get back at it.

I’ll leave you with the monthly table.

Make the best of it.
MY DAILY’S.xlsx (421.4 KB)

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Good morning.
Here’s little more market Monday.
Quarterly table.

  • GBP (blue) most bid that session +.97%.
  • CHF (pink) most sold that session -.68%.
  • Positive flow 1.52%.

Ok. Well, the GBP bounced back. Interesting to see that those 2 currencies are the polar ones (most bought and sold for this quarter running). I don’t know…I don’t think much of that. It really is a crap shoot about who takes a session and losses. We just really never know how it’s gonna turn out. But at least it’s nice to see this every now and then.

Today is a typical Monday, slow moving market. Up to this point anyway. And let’s just remember, that all this is giving us a sense of what happened. And, in this case, it shows us how much of the money has been going where.

This subject actually reminded me of a conversation I had with a trader, last Thursday (I meet once a month, first Thursday of every month, with other Forex traders around this area, a bit of a club). Anyway, this guy was asking what I thought about volume. And it was funny that I was just thinking about that factor earlier in the day.

And I told him my thoughts on it. It is a good indication of things. It tells us how much money is moving. We actually don’t know particularly in which way, but it does tell us that money is coming in, one way or the other. That is a good thing to be aware of, no doubt.

So, after much thought on how I am viewing the market, I believe this whole method of tracking how much the currencies are increasing or decreasing is pretty dog-gone close to the volume indicator. How, you ask?

Well, think about it. All we’re doing here is finding how much of a particular currency is being bought, consecutively, over a period of time. In fact, on a monthly basis (beginning and ending with the month’s calendar). Also since the beginning of the year’s calendar. Also…for a quarter.

I kind of think of it as a longer term volume indication. Cause if money continues one way or the other, and the percentages are getting bigger or smaller, then isn’t that telling us whether one currency is favored than another?

We also can’t forget that everything is relative. It all depends on what time period we are talking about. And I’ve said it before. Our trades should stay within the confines of our analysis’, time wise. I mean, that only makes sense. Needless to say, the time frames that we are looking at should be the right ones. And we all know that there are many of them!

I’m done.
Sorry 'bout that …
(You know what I’m gonna say)
Alright. Make it a good day today. Let’s give it the best we got. And keep on learning.
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Good evening.
Here’s what happened for Monday.
Quarterly table.

  • GBP (blue) most bid that session +7.15%.
  • CHF (pink) most sold that session -3.12%.
  • MASSIVE positive flow +14.02%.
  • GBP took the day as a whole +6.57%.
  • CHF lost the day as a whole -3.99%.

Wow. Well, this Monday turned out not-so-quiet, huh? What a blast. And wouldn’t you know it, it was the most in demand against the least in demand currencies. And I think it’s interesting to see all who took the sessions. The Pound goes from the most sold currency during Asia to being the most bought currency for the rest of the day.

I guess it pays off to the keep with that pair. I know I change things around, but all that stopped a couple, three, weeks ago. The absolute, only, pair that I’ve been trading is this top spread pair. And not the one on the monthly table either. And I’m not gonna get into exactly when I’m in it, and details like that, but just know that if I’m trading, it will be with this top pair.

The GBP/CHF jumped 200 pips today. So…good thing I had a limit entry order in. Cause not only did it take, but took my take profit price also.

Ok, that’s nice. I know.
I’ll leave you with the monthly look.

Make it a good evening. And I’ll see ya in the dark.
MY DAILY’S.xlsx (412.1 KB)

Good morning.
Here’s some Tuesday market.
Quarterly table.

  • GBP (blue) most bid that session +3.05%.
  • JPY (purple) most sold that session -1.23%.
  • Positive flow 4.18%.

Ok. So the slaughtering continues.

And it’s slanted towards risk-on. Although the NZD (dark red) was the only Comm to rise (.84%). The other 2 (red, brown) dropped as much (-.88%, -.92%). Little interesting.

Ok. Well, let’s see how it plays out today.

I’ll leave you with the monthly table.

MY DAILY’S.xlsx (412.7 KB)


Good morning.
What’s happening on this Tuesday.
Quarterly table.

  • CHF (pink) most bid that session +2.54%.
  • GBP (blue) most sold that session -9.43%.
  • Massive negative flow -12.64%.

Wow. Something happened, with the Pound, during that session, huh? We all know that most, if not all, of the attention is definitely surrounding the GBP. It’s called Brexit. I know, pretty sure anyway, that there’s a vote happening today. Also there’s a lot of things flying on the wires of what someone would say (Those in charge). You should also know that at the end of the month (29th) is the deadline. Look. I don’t want to indulge into all the details, because it’s all written up amongst many analysis’s out there. But, needless to say, there’s many reasons why the Pound is doing what it’s doing.

On the other hand, there are other currencies moving, just not as much though. But, interesting, in this last session it was the CHF that was on the other side of the GBP. I kind of think because of what happened yesterday, the Swiss just took back a lot of what they lost. Surely I don’t think the Swiss is in most demand, by any means. It was just taking back what was lost, that’s all.

Anyway. If you take the Pound out of the picture (I know it’s kind of a hard thing to do), for today, you would see that the NZD (dark red) is the most bought currency today. Well, why don’t I lay it out to you. How about for this week running.

  • NZD +3.40%.
  • AUD (red) +1.41%.
  • EUR (yellow) +.95%.
  • GBP (blue) +.19%.
  • CAD (brown) -.63%.
  • USD (white) -1.00%.
  • JPY (purple) -2.08%.
  • CHF (pink) -2.24%.

Ok. That’s the line up, up to the beginning of the US session now. From the start of the week. And what we have is the NZD is the most bid currency, aggregately speaking. So, what I see is mostly risk-on currencies being bought, and the Major risk-off currencies being sold.

You sometimes just have to see what else is going on, know what I mean? Well, that’s how I want to see it. I’m not a fan of tunnel vision. Remember, I want to know what’s going on…other than Brexit.

Ok. That’s nice.

Well, please, be careful out there. We’ll see how it all shakes out.
MY DAILY’S.xlsx (413.5 KB)

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Good evening.
Here we go. Tuesday’s results.
Quarterly table.

  • CAD (brown) most bid that session +1.31%.
  • JPY (purple) most sold that session -1.92%.
  • Positive flow 5.42%.

Ok. Well, looks like more risk-on (than risk-off) that session. And, it’s nice to see the CAD come back. Actually, that’s 2 sessions in a row today. Ok. That’s nice, huh? shrug

I don’t see all that much going on. Other than the Pound got some real bad news earlier.

Here’s the monthly table.

Oh yeah, it’s the NZD taking over on that table, huh? Uh, yep, risk-on. They sure do like to front that sentiment. Wow. Kind of interesting to see the polar currencies there (NZD,CAD). That looks to have knocked down that top spread some.

Well, if you ask me…I think it’s all eyes on the Pound. Who knows what’s gonna happen there. All I can say is be prepared for anything.

Have a good night.
See ya in the a.m.
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Good morning.
What happened during Asia, on this Wednesday…
Quarterly table.

  • GBP (blue) most bid during that session +1.74%.
  • AUD (red) most sold during that session -2.26%.
  • Negative flow -4.98%.

Kind of looks like more risk-off, but with the Pound catching a bounce. The GBP does always seems to sing their own tune. Risk-on, risk-off, it never matters to them, right?

Well, I guess the saga continues with that. So, we’ll have to see what happens. I don’t quite see much anything else. Other than a little bidding from the safe havens so far.

See ya in a few.
Monthly table.

MY DAILY’S.xlsx (422.9 KB)

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Good morning.
Man…I guess I never get to say good afternoon. Oh well.
Let’s see how this Wednesday is turning out.
Quarterly table.

  • GBP (blue) most bid that session +3.38%.
  • JPY (purple) most sold that session -1.41%.
  • Positive flow 4.6%.

There’s the Pound again. Second session in a row. I mean, we kind of know that it’s going one way or the other. Especially after such a move yesterday. So, we can say that there could be a lot of retracement happening, or that the market thought it was too much out of line. Who knows. All we know is that most of the attention is going to the Pound.

Well, other than that, the risk-on currencies are still taking a bit of a hit today.

Make it a good day today.
Monthly table.

MY DAILY’S.xlsx (429.6 KB)

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Good evening.
We have end of day, for a Wednesday.
Quarterly table.

  • GBP (blue) most bid that session +7.73%.
  • USD (white) most sold that session -3.27%.
  • Huge positive flow 13.38%.
  • GBP most bought currency today +12.85%.
  • NZD most sold currency today -4.06%.

Holy smokes. Right? I guess money knows where it wants to go. It’s all about the Pound. Should be of no surprise. Except which direction, of course.

Well, I don’t know what else there is to talk about.
How about the monthly table.

Alright. Let’s see. Tomorrow is Thursday. shrug
Let’s just play 'em as we see 'em.
Have a good night.
MY DAILY’S.xlsx (418.9 KB)

Good morning.
Here’s what happened since the open, for Thursday.
Quarterly table.

  • USD (white) most bid that session +1.89%.
  • GBP (blue) most sold that session -2.03%.
  • Negative flow -6.34%.

Basically it looks like the reverse since last session. We can call that a retracement. It all just went the opposite. I guess it was a lot yesterday huh?

Little interesting.

  • USD (white) +1.89%.
  • EUR (yellow) +1.34%.
  • CAD (brown) +1.17%.
  • CHF (pink) +1.15%.
  • JPY (purple) -1.21%.
  • AUD (red) -1.75%.
  • NZD (dark red) -.56%.

Looks like the Asian currencies all, for the most part, were being sold off. And the Majors were all being bought.

Alright. Let’s see how the day unravels.
MY DAILY’S.xlsx (425.6 KB)

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