Complete noob

Hello pippers,

I’m a complete newbie to currency exchanges, though I’ve been interested in the topic for quite some time. I had an investments course in college and we were created our own ficticious portfolio. I had the highest return in the class–while most people chose tech, bio, and other “sexy” stocks, I put a large chunk of my money into Guiness. Not for any sound reason–I just really like Guinness.

Anyway, I made a killing on that stock. Not only because Guinness stock went up, but also because the pound went up in relation to the dollar. I realized then that the variances between currencies could be a great way to make money. The idea has stuck with me for several years, and I’m ready to try my hand.

I’ve signed up for a demo account on and will open a mini-account when I feel comfortable.



I remember when I first found out about the forex. I couldn’t believe that I had been trading stocks and options for so long without even knowing about this market. Now I’m a die hard Forex trader. I love it!

Good luck in your trading career. I wish you the best!

Goodluck Arcelt and don’t invest until you have the confidence in your ability. Practice makes perfect so make the most of the practice sites that are available in the net. Goodluck!:slight_smile:

So, how is arcelt now? has he finally gotten and integrated trading? Has he earned already?