Computer for forex trading - Mac?

Greetings all,

I’ve just joined and I’m excited to learn about forex trading :slight_smile:
My first question is, do you need a particular computer spec for forex

Is there any trading platform that works on Mac?

Any computer built in the last 10 years or so will be fine for forex trading. Your Internet connection speed is much more important than your computer specs. :slight_smile:

Mac trading platforms are hard to find. The only ones I know of are the java based platforms, such as the one Oanda uses. I’d look into them.

Thanks for replying phil838, would ADSL2+ be enough?
I have sync speed of 20 Mbps.

ps: I wonder how did they do it in the olden days of dialup? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, any kind of DSL would be fine.

And the answer to your other question is that they [I]didn’t[/I] do it in the days of dialup. Retail forex brokers have only existed for about 10 years. :slight_smile:

Back then trading was done over the phone, or, if you were a bank, through high speed connections that were too expensive for home use.

A dial up connection is sufficient for trading if you ask me.

If you hunt them down, there’s a good solid number of brokers that over java based platforms. For noobs I do recommend Oanda though.

I guess you also have to look at the time frame you’re trading when it comes to connection speed.

If you’re trading daily or 4H charts a dialup connection is fine, but if you’re trading 1M or 5M charts for 10 pips or so per trade it wouldn’t work so well. :slight_smile:

PS: I remember the first modem I got 25 years ago. You could literally read faster then it could download the text. :smiley:

LoL. The blazing fast speed of a 14.4kb modem. I remember when 56k was top of the line. I was about 11 at that time. LoL.

Heck, I remember when 14400 was top of the line! My first modem was 300 bps. It didn’t even plug into a phone jack, you had to set the phone receiver on two rubber pads on top of the modem. :slight_smile:

Hello! I run my windows based platform on my mac, it’s really easy and it works great. Just install parallels and you’re ready to run windows on your mac.

Or java based platforms, as Phil said, there ok for mac users too.


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