Confirmation of the Forum giveaway gifts🎁💥

Heyy Peeps.

This is me thanking the @babypips community for coming through with the promised gifts🎁…I am so excited with everything, considering it’s my first participation in the forum giveaway.I have received my $10 Amazon giftcard and the Tee is on d way.

Thanks to the moderator that reached out to me despite the challenges @Penelopip😊.

Cheers to more engagements with the forum​:clinking_glasses:…Best forum I ever came across.:clinking_glasses:

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It’s true that babypips is one of the best forums where both newbies and professional traders can learn one or the other thing. When I was looking for a broker for myself, I asked for a few recommendations here and I was overwhelmed to see the response.

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