Confused about position size


i am a bit confused about position sizing and lot.

in metatrader, lot is equal volume ?

so 1 volume = 10$ per pip ?
0.10 = 1$ per pip ?
0.01 = 10 cents per pip ?

i put 0.12 on my trade and i win 13 pips and i win only 1.39$ ? why ?

i should win 1.20$ X 13 pip = 15.6$ ?


It depends on what pair you have traded, what the exchange rate is ? Not all pairs will give $10 per pip for 1 lot…! Also are you working pips out correct.?

i trade eur/usd

how can i know value of pip on pair ?


Lot size in USD depends on the instrument.

Eur/usd is roughly $10 per pip, for 1 lot a pip is 0.00010 gain. So 1 pip is the 4th decimal when you measured your pips on MT4 if it says 13 that’s 1.3 pips not 13

Pip is the 4th decimal. Your broker is a five-digit broker. It shows the price 0.00010, so here 10 is 1 pip or in other words 10 pipette.

If price goes from

1.05530 to 1.05540 it’s not 10 pips… it’s 1 pip.

From 1.05530 to 1.05630 it’s 10 pips…

The last digit is not pip, it’s pippette

Dont forget to check if your broker charges commissions, and Also notice there a spread between ask and bid price.