Confused about SL

So I had a buy position (Eur/Usd) close at it’s SL which is fine as you don’t win them all.
The SL however was set to 1.08140, but the bid price only got as far as 1.08162 (making the ask 1.08200 at the time), which is higher than the SL.
I’m very confused as to why the SL triggered at this point and appreciate any help.


Sounds a bit dodgy. Best to ask your broker. Call them and ask what happened. Update us when you get the answer. :+1:

You’ll find that occasionally the indicative bid price (boxed on the chart window), the quoted bid price for a live trade and the charted bid price do not all tally. You’ll often see the bid price line on the chart bobbing up and down but the indicative bid price not moving. I guess this could easily be a 2 pips difference, but depends on the broker.

The broker will always insist that the only binding price is the one they quote when you submit a live entry click, all others are indicative only.

Only your broker can tell you what happened. As a trader I expect my SL to be honored at all times.

Thanks Tommor. This has happened a couple of times now so I’ll bear it in mind when putting down future positions.