Confused (Alpari Mini)

I put 80 dollars into a mini account on alpari, and I tried to place a trade with .8 lot and it kept telling me I didn’t have enough money, can anyone help me out?

I might be wrong and I don’t use alpari, but a .8 lot in a mini account should be 8,000 units. With an $80.00 account that would require 800:1 leverage. I don’t know what your leverage is with alpari, but I doubt it’s that much. Plus, a 100 pip move against you would wipe you out with that lot size. Hope that helps!

Thats exactly what I want, (didn’t you get my message?). I had to settle for .5 lots, not in my plan man.

.5 mini lots on an $80 account is WAY too much. Unless you’re using a really small stoploss then one bad trade is going to wipe you out!!

I know you say you’re 12/12 on your system, but you WILL have a loss eventually, and that loss is going to kill your account. You need to be trading a max of 2% per trade.

I know this is probably falling on deaf ears, but I felt that I should say it anyway…