Confused by the moving average please help

Hi guys just need a little help getting my head round this below:

Im trading the GBP/USD and noticed on the daily timeframe the 100 MA says 1.431 what does that mean exactly that it predicts that its going to finish up there? and its below the candlesticks so i thought that signals its still on a long term upward trend… confused

Any feedback would be great

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Indicators don’t predict anything.
The 100 ma shows you the Moving Average position for a currency pair over the past 100 candlesticks, so if your looking in the H1 time frame that would be the last 100 hours.
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No, that indicates its [I]current[/I] level.

It means that [I]at that moment[/I] the average of the closing-price of the most recent 100 periods (including the current period, which will still be active, temporarily taking its current price as a “close”) is 1.431, (assuming that it’s a moving average of the [U]close[/U], that is - but they usually are, when not specified otherwise).

And as Eddie mentions above, indiciators don’t predict anything! :slight_smile:

it means , average closing price for 100 candle’s (periode’s) before are 1.431. as simple as that.
and it does not predict anything, you just got a data that say "average prices are 1.431"
you can read about SMA at here
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A wise suggestion. Also to add that you cannot trade only by the location of any MA but the relation of price action to the MA location; particularly you have to look out for specific candlestick signals. Go demo trading for a while.