Congratulations phil838

Congratulations go to you, Phil838!! :slight_smile:

Now our latest addition to the [B]Honorary FX Member[/B] group.

[B]Welcome to the inner circle Phil !![/B] :smiley: :smiley:

Your posts have been of the highest quality and you are a valuable asset to the Babypips forum community.

We look forward to more of your quality input!! :slight_smile:

[B]The list of Honorary FX Members now is…[/B]

[B]Dale Paterson.
John Forman (Rhodytrader).
Michael Kirk (Mytwopips).
Sweet Pip.
Tymen (Tymen1).[/B]

and now���…


making the list 9 of us.

TRO was banned so he doesn’t count anymore.

Thank you [B]o990l6mh[/B].

My post has now been corrected.

I apologise for forgetting the membership. :o :o

heres to another 1000 posts phill

Congratulations Phil!

We’re lucky to have people like you here!

Congratulations Phil! I’ve been lucky enough to receive some guidance from you in the past on some of the FOREX-related questions I’ve had, and I can certainly say that you go out of your way to help folks like me. Certainly, this recognition is the least that you deserve.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, keep on going and you will be #@%$^!@#$ :smiley:

I second that!!

This thread is purely for [B]Phil838[/B] and to wish him well in his trading and his contributions in posting on this forum. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
His posts are always courteous, informative and up to date.

He has even started some of his own threads in contribution and is truely deserving of [B]Honorary FX Member[/B] status!!

AlbertSnale is just being a party pooper!! :stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

Well done phil welcome to the club. :slight_smile:

*tada! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations to you, Phil838 [B]Honorary FX Member[/B]!! :smiley:

Keep it up! :slight_smile: hehe

Congrats Phil, have only been here at babypips for a month or so but your posts are a valuable service to babypips.


No, I am not being a party pooper. Isn’t it a little strange that certain members were never “welcomed” into the group and then they got banned? If you receive a gold record, that accomplishment is yours forever no matter what happens in the future.

Be what? Care to elaborate?

I disagree with this statement gold medals have been & are
rescinded all the time for wrongdoing, ask Ben Johnson et al.

Also if the rules are blatantly disregarded after numerous
warnings then the punishment should be dealt out to the
maximum degree. Without the rules there would be anarchy
& any amount of petulance will not alter this fact.

[B]Phil! Phil! he’s our man if he can’t do it nobody can!!![/B]

congradulations x-man geez i hope wolverine isn’t taken when i become one :smiley: Id rather be exavier but he’s dead lol!!!

Congratulations Phil!!! I’ve enjoyed and learned from your many posts. Thanks for your participation

Congrats Phil!!!

Sorry I’m late to the party! I was on vacation when Tymen started this thread and I just now saw it! Can you believe Babypip’s gets 35 pages of new posts in only 2 weeks?? :smiley:

Thanks to Tymen for the welcome and thanks to everyone else for the encouraging words! I’m just trying to help people out, like others helped me when I was new. :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree - if you are caught cheating then the medal is taken away.

If you earned your accomplishment legitimately, they don’t take it away. Did O.J. lose his football records? NO! Case closed.

That shows maturity and good taste…NOT!