Consistent 5-10% per month results from copy trading. Automated trading

Hi guys,

If any of you are looking for passive income with a minimum investment of 15k, do let me know! I just have the right instruments for you.

Why is it safe?

  1. you hold your own funds, the funds will be under your own name and with a reputable broker (has been around for more than 15 years and win multiple awards)
  2. big broker = big reputation = safety of funds
  3. you can stop the trading anytime and pull out your funds anytime if you do not want to continue anymore
  4. It has been running for more than 3 years and it has been back test for more than 20 years. results shows and proven

No joining fee. no monthly bot fee.

Interested parties can drop me private message and I can explain further if needed. Cheers!

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Please say something about which regulator oversees these activities and the broker concerned - for example, details of financial safety measures to protect clients’ funds against fraud, broker bankruptcy, excessive losses from trading etc.

I assume that with no initial fee and no monthly fee, your profits are drawn down as a percentage of the client’s profits. What percentage? How do you, as a third party, access that money if its held by a reputable broker?

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I can share in terms of the 2 brokers that currently we are using. First one is Forex4you and the second one is Hotforex. Both are regulated and reputable brokers with many awards between them as well as they have been around for more than 15 years. Their customer support is pretty excellent as well.

You are right in terms of where the profits are derived. Investors will take 80% of the profits whereas the developer will take 20% of the profits. As I mentioned, you can withdraw the full funds if you want to. Brokers will not stop you from withdrawing your full funds. I have tried it myself from these 2 brokers to ensure it as well.

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