Constant earnings?

Hi there,
I’d like to take a second to introduce myself. I’m pretty new to the whole Forex business, I heard about it a few years ago from a friend but never paid any attention to it. Now another friend of mine doesn’t stop telling me how awesome the Forex market is and that he’ll be very rich, (very) soon. That’s of course just a very short version of it. But it got me interested a bit and I started to play around with some virtual dollars (without any serious knowlege) and of course I made 30% (3k) within the first 10 days of trading.

But now to my main question. Yesterday I met another friend (you see I got plenty of them ;)) who worked for the “Deutsche Bank” and was doing similar stuff like Forex a few years ago. He said the only thing he learned from this (and what everybody with insight said too) was, that you CAN make money for a period of time, but that nobody manages it to keep the stream of income for a longer period than let’s say 12 months.

And what I’d like to know is if you know somebody (or yourself) that makes lets say +/-30k/month off Forex trading, for a time longer than a year.

His argument was, that all the “success stories” you hear about on forums, blogs and other sources are either fakers, bank/broker employee’s or other kind of “shady” people.

Of course I know, asking such a question on a forum won’t give me the information I’m looking for, but it can’t hurt to ask and get some feedback on this.

Of course I’ll have to try it on my own and see how it goes, but I wouldn’t like to waste this much time reading/learning about something that doesn’t work anyway…and I know about this 1-5% rule of sucessful traders, but if I take a look at this vast amout of boards and posters about the Forex market, these 1-5% turn into a solid number, so that there gotta be the Lambo driving Forex traders out there… :smiley:

Sorry if I made any mistakes, it’s 6 o’clock in the morning here and I’m really tired :slight_smile:

I don’t think you should try forex trading.

The guarantee of success that you want up front — before you “waste this much time reading/learning” — just isn’t there.

There is an enormous amount of study and practice required to get from where you are now, to the 30K per month you are dreaming about, and no guarantee that you will get there.

Without a firm guarantee of future riches, I wouldn’t risk wasting all that time and effort — if I were you.

On the other hand, if trading interests you, try it. If your interest grows, pursue it. If you find that you have a passion for trading, a talent for trading, and a strong desire to succeed at trading, you might just do it.

But, there are no guarantees.