Constructive criticism wanted

I have this idea for a strategy that yes i know is insane so please do not try this on a live account. I would like to hear some constructive criticism which remember even negative comments can be constructive if you back them up with fundamental reasoning.
OK heres the strategy:
1 basically determine if a pair is long term trending up or down for the rest of this discussion i will say the trend is bullish or up.
2 place a buy order for penny lots on every single pip with a tp of approximately 5 pips I plan to experiment with sl’s maybe not use them at all, and yes i know thats insane, I said from the beginning this entire strategy is insane, however no currency pair moves in one direction forever and it may take 50 years for a pair to ever return to a point.
3 i’m thinking about using a moving average not sure whether it will be a sma or an ema
4 everything over the moving average place a sell order on top of your already existing buy order these sell orders will probably have to be adjusted everyday
5 every time a buy order has taken profit replace the order with a new buy limit at the previous orders origin
6 this will probably have to be coded with some sort of code such as mql4

please remember this is a purely supersillious idea thats playing around in my head and I’d just like to see the outcome of this experiment of course i plan to test this on a demo account probably with some sort of ridiculous balance like 5 to 50 million and backtest it for an extended period of time because personally i know that it would eat up a balance quickly with margin alone even just at .01 lot sizes

and before you post your comments with O this is the stupidest strategy i’ve ever seen know this, this strategy is incorporating strategies that already exist i.e. hedging and moving average strategies

Definately give it a try and tell us how it works. I’ve heard even crazier strategies that have made money consistently. The key is proper money managemnt. Make sure you have good SLs and TPs in place that match the win ratio.