Cool article about the investing in general!

Hi guys, I just found this article on the website, seems really cool! I recommend it, especially to the begginers

I just set aside some money to buy some Litecoins or some other currency which is not that costly as Bitcoin and reading all I can about that things, thanks for that info, basically I need some things like that. It shows that my inner feelings are not alone at all.

Overall about 42% of surveyed men invested in cryptocurrencies, compared to only 23% women. People with generally higher incomes were more ready to drop some bucks into that kind of investment – over 40% for people with over $75,000 yearly incomes. Millenials were the ones that did most of the investing, with 40% almost double than 24% of the Generation X.

Very interesting.

I made a small amount of $$ off LTC back in 2018. I say get both! :relaxed:

i mde more on ltc, eth and btc this year than any other year so far…

@ZacKing What year did you start trading crypto? :open_mouth: