Cool Tradingview tips and tricks

I’m starting to use this more on a live account and thought it would be good to keep track of cool things you can do with TV.

First trick - you can set an alert on the crossing of a trendline.

I thought you could only do it at specific prices you wanted to watch. Nope I was so wrong.

Add yours if you have any.

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Show two assets on the same chart.

All you have to do is click the circle/plus symbol next to the active symbol/chart you’re looking at. Its call the compare/Add Symbol button.

i can add say all USD pairs to the same chart to see how they’re performing. Or I could add currency indexes on the same chart to see which is high and which is low.

If you’re trading a scalping strategy, your chart can start to look a little cluttered with all of the executed trades.

Well, you can remove the arrows.

Just do the following: Right-click your chart, go to settings, the Trading section, and then uncheck Executions.


New tip:

Indicator templates! Save different indicator combos. If you’re like me, you’re always trying out different ones and see how the play along with each other.

Here’s the read up on them.

I’ve got several order block indicators mixed with MAs and then some sessions stuff, but some of them overlap and I want to keep them separate of each other.

So… templates. They’ve got a couple built-in ones, but you’ll want to save your own.