Copy trader from local to VPS

Hello everyone, i’m trying to setup the fxblue trade copie from a local pc to my VSP but i can’t find how to do it, even in the fxblue website they dont expain, someone knows how i can do it, or if you know if there is any other free indicator that i can use.
thanks for the help

hi, did you verify your account?

what you mean if i verify my account?

Check attachment, did you saw and that info to fill in?

yes, i have all this setup,
actually i found a solution.

Basicly in my VPS i install two copy of MT4 one copy i use the same user and password that i use in my MT4 in my local computer and the other is my slave witch copy my master account, i don’t know if is clear what i wrote.

you have another solution for it?

thanks anyway

it is clear for me. I don’t use this software, information which they want are to sensitive for me. Regards Greg

Why don’t you transfer local trading to the VPS? Firstly, the VPS is not expensive and starts from $ 3 per month, and secondly, if the forex advisor is correctly programmed, it will pick up trading in a new place without any problems