Copy Trading Platforms

There are still very few known copy trading platforms, so here I tried listing a few platforms that you can try out. The list is not in any order. So, if you have any experience using these platforms, or want to share one that you know, please feel free to add your views!


The most advanced copy trading platform that you will see aspiring traders are using nowadays.
Broker offering services: AAAFx, Avatrade, FXChoice, Fxview, GlobalPrime, IC Markets, Tickmill Compatibility trading platform: MT4


Myfxbook also offers copy trading, and it includes several different tools specially designed to enhance the ability to copy trades.
Broker offering services: Fusion Markets, Fxview, Go Markets, IC Markets, Pepperstone, Tickmill
Compatibility trading platform: ActTrader, cTrader, NinjaTrader, MT4, MT5


An MT4 compatible platform that allows traders to follow the trades of other professional traders through their platform also, accessing custom trading techniques from the strategy providers.
Broker offering services: AvaTrade, AxiTrader, FusionMarkets, Fxpro, IC Markets, Moneta Markets, Pepperstone, VantageFX
Compatibility trading platform: MT4


ForexCopier allows you to copy trades from one account to multiple accounts, and also, has the ability to copy trades to an MT4 account from an MT5 account and vice-versa.
Broker offering services: Avatrade, Forex com, FXTM, IG, Oanda, Pepperstone, RoboForex, SwissQuote, XM
Compatibility trading platform: MT4, MT5


Started back in 2005 with the motive of providing an edge to the retail traders by copying the way of the trades by the professional traders.
Broker offering services: FXPRIMUS, XTB
Compatibility trading platform: Mirror Trader, MT4, MT5, Ninja Trader, Trade Station


It is a cloud based platform that allows traders to copy trades from a master account to multiple copier accounts.
Broker offering services: FXCM, LMAX
Compatibility trading platform: MT4, MT5, cTrader

MQL5 -

MT4 is the oldest and still the most popular trading platform among the traders out there. Through MQL5, one can start copy trading by choosing any of the professional traders under the signal section.
Broker offering services: AvaTrade, Fxpro, Fxview, IC Markets, IG, Pepperstone, Tickmill
Compatibility trading platform: MT4, MT5


Making it easier for the beginner to copy the trades of experienced users with a click of a button.
Broker offering services: eToro
Compatibility trading platform: N/A

P.S.- When copying someone’s trades, it is important to understand that the past performance doesn’t guarantee a good performance in the future. As always, DYOR!


Thanks for sharing - I mostly use Social Trading Tools for trading copying to other accounts etc.

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This is quite a list, gonna check them out! Thanks for posting.

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Out of the list, I am aware of Zulutrade and eTORO and keen to explore MQL5.

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Nice list! Anyone here know how to connect zulutrade with your broker?

If you have registered with Zulutrade, then it will show you the list of broker that you can connect with. And then you can add MT4 account ID. Once you are done with that, you should be able to trade with Zulutrade. Tho, it would be good idea to talk to their support team about it before you proceed further.

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A question from a newbie regarding copy trading. Suppose if I have followed any trader on a platform and am copying his trade then would I also be able to see what strategies a trader has used while placing that trade?
Please put some light on this. BIG confusion to me on this part.

You can only copy the trades.

Thanks mate! I will check this. :raised_hands:

Generally speaking, copy trading platforms help the newbies on how to trade by watching the trade ideas of more experienced traders. So by copy trading, you also learn to understand the strategies and can implement them according to your plans once you feel more confident in the trades.

How do you assess a trader’s performance? Would you consider drawdown as one? ROI? Open position?

Hi If I download good working EAs for demo account and copy the trades to a real account in the same computer, then will it be considered illegal ?
I mean i am not paying for the EA and using it to trade real account.

Watch this you will understand.

Hi DebFX,

I don’t think it works the way you think it does. Maybe it works for timeframes like H4, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

In smaller timeframes you will get a timing issue and the trade is already executed on the demo, at this time you are still trying to buy/sell this trade in the live account. So it won’t be at the same price. And the next problem is that on the demo all trades are bought and sold at any time. But this is not always the case on the live account.

So you have to deal with 2 problems in small timeframes: time delay and selling/buying of orders in the live account. You should pay attention to this! The equity curve in the live account will certainly be more disappointing than in the demo account.

Thanks… I understand now. So trading on higher timeframe will work better.
And I tested the Ea, it opens the trade only when the same price is reached on real account. so few times some trades are missed and some trades are taken after few seconds. Again if i increase the slippage value, it takes trade even when there is a slight difference in price.

So, while assessing a trader’s performance, my major focus is on his drawdowns and return on investments, as based on these parameters trading performance of any any trader can be determined.

@catiemartin I always thought of that, but you just confirmed that for me. Thanks! I will keep them in mind for my next trade.

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As I am a beginner, can anyone tell me what is the difference between social trading and copy trading?

@Florin77 As I understand it, there is no difference between social trading and copy/mirror trading.
Social trading is only the heading that describes the whole topic. Copy trading is a subheading of this.

Actually, there is one difference.
Social trading allows you to interact with other traders along with copying their trades but when with copy trading, you cannot interact with the trader you are copying trades of. :slightly_smiling_face: