Copy Trading Question

Hi Traders -

New here and have been using a demo account for about a week or so. The main thing I know so far, is that it’s going to be a long time until I understand what I’m doing.

I understand that this world is flooded with scammers as well as people who have also been very successful in this industry.

Here’s my question - I love the free signals that get posted from various sites.

Why don’t any successful traders allow copy trading for a share of revenue? Instead of a monthly payment, are there any traders out there that will take like 5-15% of profit from Copy Trading? If the trader isn’t successful for themselves no one makes any money, and if they are successful, then the trader is even more successful and the people like myself can actually earn money too.

Also - if any of you traders are open to this, please do let me know - I’d be very interested.

Eazypizzii…Because they’re not profitable :sunglasses: Their main business is you, not trading.

Also, if they’re profitable, why bother for your small payment?

If you keep your focus on a demo account in the beginning, it will be beneficial to you later when you shift to a real account.

If they would be really successful, they’ll be millionaires. And hence won’t bother about any other payments.

You sound like you’re about to sell copy trading services. :sweat_smile:

Exactly ,this is not a get rich quick scheme and too be honest I don’t think those exist.

This is exactly what I thought too :sweat_smile:

Hi, I am running my own social trading account.You can check out my performance there.


Hedge funds work that way.
PAMMs are inspired by hedge funds.
Paying on future performance doesn’t solve the problem of charlatans.
Charlatans impress believers with a lucky past trackrecord and often luck lasts for some months enough to collect a performance fee.
BTW the performance fee system is the best for the investor, much better than a monthly subscription.

The simple reason for this is that those traders are not profitable. If they were profitable, they would have not bothered about small payments.