Copy-trading - the way that i am pro even if i don't have years of experience

Good day!
Feeling like a real pro!
1month and half and my account is nice and steady on direction profit
I am Captain, i used to sail on product tankers before, so this is a real journey, like a trip to 10.000USD profit.
250USD produced already following.
I like to put my carier on the sea with the carier ( can i talk about a carier having already 18 months experience in trading, wright? :smiley: ).
So have my quote " Better follow a used track in order to rich the destination, rather than think about a new one and sink.
I would really like to have your answers. Cheers!

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Hi copy-trading is one of the trading methods, if you trust the signal provider, no problem, earn money this way. You can also split the capital into signal copying and your own trade. The goal is one to earn :slight_smile: and how you do it? decide for yourself :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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Recently i’ve just heard about PAMM method.
What’s your point of view @?

as i wrote above this is one of method for trading if you like it, do it if not looking for other methods.

The major problem with PAMM is that a broker may not allow you to limit maximum loss. In the that case, an investor loses 100% of their fund.

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You are right, it is still a risky venture. You place you trust and money in the hand of the investor 100%. So many of the traders to follow are new traders who try so hard to keep a record for 6months to 12months, and then already looking for investors.

If any persons follows the recomandation shall be fine.
As a FOLLOWER i am taking into account, many persons jumps over the importance of an adegvate Money Management.

Agree with that.
And how can we discover a beginer trader to FOLLOW from an experienced one?
Can we find traders with high experience and ofcourse with big profit on history on copy-trading platforms?

Yes, I think so. There is usually a record of history to look at. It is hard to find those with more than 5 years profitable account. They all blow up in the end.

Good morning!
FOREX market is divided into optimism and pesimism.
I’m making part from hard working optimists :slight_smile:

It all comes back to the ‘followers’ themselves. Like, they have to be very selective and check the trader thoroughly before investing. I do however also interested with copytrading, still looking for some options.

Mr Chong, send me a message in Privat. I will provide you the history of transactions

Have a great day!

Thanks, where do you trade btw?

Making money in trading is the key. It doesn’t matter how you earn. I learned a lot from copy trading. We can learn a lot by looking at how the signal provider is trading, where it is setting a stop loss, where it is setting profit level. At the same time, 2 things are going to be a profit and a trading flame.