Coronavirus Control

So here we are with a somewhat dangerous new illness - Fairly contageous with a mortality rate somewhere it seems between 1-5% dependng on various factors.

We know that it Measles for example is Much more contageous annd Ebola (60%+ ) and AIds (99%+) are Much more lethal than ths one at 1-5%

So why is there so much fuss and worldwidw panic ? Why are Governments taking such different actions ?

I don’t see it as anything incredibly ‘different’ about it - but the Mainstream Media and others seem intent on “doing something about it” to the extent that it feels like there is an agenda of some sort !

We know that Acid Rain scare and “Holes in the Ozone LAyer” scares acted as trial runs for the “Global Warming” fantasy.

We know that Race", “Feminism” and “Gay rights” acted as test beds for “Transgender issues” and the massive drive to engender hatred fowards white men and the emasculation of men in general and to remove “Pale, Male, Stale” members of society in particular from having any voice in debate or even any place in society.

Now given the fact that around a half of teh fatalities (possibly more) will be OLd People, who arguably have outlived their ‘usefulness’ to society and are past reproduction and a drain on Health services in any case - one wonders why there are such concerns ?

Personally I do not subscribe to a “germ warfare” scenario, although I know some do - but I do feel that we are seeing it being used as a Test - bed to investigate the best ways to control populations - For example we are seeing certain groups of people being TOLD to “Self-isolate” and The UK Govt have already said that they intend to “Take Powers” to force by LAW certain groups (Basically over 70 year olds at the moment) to remain locked in their own homes !

I heard this very recently and it concerns me greatly. For - as we know what measures they “Take the Power” to enforce for seemingy reasonable reasons today - they never ever let go of and whils it may be used for the “Safety” of old people today, any such powers could easily be used in teh future to silence and defeat any form of civil unrest at a later stage.- and sometimes “Civil Unrest” is a very important tool - in fact the only one which the common people have to express their discontent !

For example it is becoming ever more likely that in the absence of any “Party” to vote for, the sensible majority of citizens here in the UK wi at some point in the fi=uture HAVE to take to the dtreets in “Yellow vests” fashion to tell our politicians to stop virtue signalling and get back to reality on the Global Warming issue. To stop pandering to the vocal minority and damn well get on with providing us with power at cheap and affordable costs to stop people freezing to death in their own homes (2700 here in uk alone last winter - for no reason at all ! )

A huge downsizing of Global GDP seems very likely and would be very welcome to the Postmodernist Anti-Capitalists in their many guises imo.

Anyway - I’ve said what I’ve said - the Floor is now open for discussion.


What is your 99%+ in related to aids? Mortality rate? Infection rate? Either way, that doesn’t look accurate.

As for coronavirus, yes older people are more likely to feel much harsher affects when infected, but this virus appears to attack all ages, with varying degrees of impact. Anybody who is immuno-compromised has the potential to be even more severely affected. And while the symptoms may be similar to that of the flu, the shear volume of cases geographically is stressing those local health systems to the brink. Chief issue is not necessarily combating coronavirus and what it brings directly, but what it causes secondarily, in many cases issues breathing related to pneumonia or upper respiratory infections, to the point where ventilators are needed. Italian health system is having to make some awful decision about who will live and die because of the shortcomings in this necessary infrastructure. A burden of 10s/100s/1000s of patients at once is bad alone, but equally badand exacerbated for existing patients or other patients needing care not necessarily related to coronavirus, that might need a bed in the future or that already occuoy one (and take away a bed from a potential coronavirus patient). So the situation is bad. In the US, I fear it will get worse as social distancing is not being taken to heart and large-scale closings and quarantines are just starting to take place today. Most hospitals are I’ll prepared, and as long as large scale testing isn’t taking place, the asymptomatic will wonder the streets thinking all is well when it is not.

If you think this is a population control, add fast food to the list. The hamburger or an unhealthy diet - Those two have killed far more people globally than anything else I imagine.

Ebola was stopped in its tracks. Corona, not so much.

That ethos is not worthy of debate - every single life, every single person has value.

More than that - economically older people have contributed to society and have earned it’s protection in their old age.

There is an argument that this virus is unstoppable yet the Chinese have proved this thinking incorrect. There is little doubt that it will arrive at your own town - when it does it is possible to protect against it or you can welcome it in and take the chance…


yes well said. it is a concerning thing but it seems one government is saying one thing, another is reacting another way… there is still so much uncertainty

I may have not explained what I mean here sufficiently - “Population control” by “reducing population” - No that is not what I mean - Feminist culture has already reduced birthrate choices for women and the massive decline in fertility of western males, which we hear so little about, have combined already to reduce the birthrate in western populations to around 1.2 per couple. - What I was talking about is the various experimentary measures that various Governments are desperately putting in place to try to find effective measures by which they can impose their own will on the populations of their own countries and keep the populations under control. For example Macron in France has made assemblies of over 100 illegal. The “headline” excuse being to stop teh spread. However the Yellow vests which we are censored from hearing about came out in force in their thousands in Paris again this weekend, as they have every weekend for nearly a year and a half now despite teh media balckout, to protest at the “Carbon Taxes” imposed by him,

All the aspirations of the “Border free” Globalists of the EU have been abandoned as even Germany have closed all their borders. Swedish Police have taken delivery of a lot of new tear gas launchers amid much publicity to show the “Plebs” who exacty is “the Boss”.

My point is that these measures are said to be to “Control the virus” BUT would appear to be attempting to experiment with how best to “keep the serfs in their place” - ergo my “Population control” is meant in THAT context rather than it’s more common usage - as is the title of this thread meant to be ambiguous ! :wink: :smiley:

This Swedish guy does a short video (around 5 minutes) each morning to update us on “What is going on” among those who are denied a voice as the populus of Europe are becoming less and less enamoured of the “Globalist neo Marxist dream”

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Ah, my mistake in my interpretation of your words. I see where you’re going. I would say in times of widespread crisis, the general public may not have the all facts, whether they go out to seek them or not. And so there needs to be some guiding light, keeping people safe and keeping them from harming themselves and others. Unfortunately in this case, for many that means doing something you don’t think is necessary - gathering in large crowds, protesting, etc. Physical safety trumps normal behavior. I’m good with that for now.

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I think this is the first state in the US to institute a curfew for non essential travel. More to come for sure.

Murphy announced that all “non-essential travel” between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. on “any given day” is highly discouraged.

It’s not an outright ban, but getting close to it.

Any curfews around your way?

I have been watching all the news, I guess we all need to be taking what they say onboard.

There are many ways that have been enacted to cab the spread of corona; among the ways are: wash your hands frequently, avoid the crowd, avoid greetings completely. You can also avoid touching your face, use mask, avoid travelling.Observe proper hygein.

It may well have it’s GOOD SIDE !

German company ‘CureVac’ - possibility of vaccine ready for this coming Autumn. Their patent has already been approved.

Edit: (coming from the EU Commission President.)

She would say that wouldn’t she - a face saver perhaps for the EU - she thinks ? After the EU being proven totally irrellevant in these weeks !

That really doesn’t matter - whether it’s Fake news or real news - the “test” I referred to above is still ongoing and the resuts of the situation are clearly shown in that short video I posted 2 posts back !

Given a real emergency (whether it IS real or not ) - the puupet Governments the EU has sought to disenfranchise have ALL deserted the principles of the EU (Including GERMANY) - re-erected their borders and banned “Outsiders” Plus they’re All disregarding the “Budget restrictions” of the EU and taking “Whatever decisions are necessary” for their OWN People!

Personally I can’t wait for this weekend to see whether the Yellow vests Invade Paris again in their thousands to Protest “Carbon Taxes” or whether they are cowed by his threats - or even if he turns the army on them (I rather think he actually WILL do that) ! But make no mistake - this is nothing to do with his headline excuse - It’s all down to teh fact they’ve been there EVERY weekend for nearly 18 months now and He has ELECTIONS Coming up !

[Edit - Paris last weekend - AFTER Macron outlawed gatherings over 100 people;

US just hit 6000+ confirmed cases. 10PM Tuesday.

And your point is ? :confounded:

it’s a crazy milestone. In under 24 hours, 1000+ new cases. It’s now 7769 confirmed cases.

You might be interested in this ?

Killed about as many people as Communist Chairman Mao ! (50 - 100 million)

Way more than Communist Stalin at around 50 million

Interesting though that Most people have only even heard of Hitler’s deeds.

And of course Hiter was just an Amateur at 10 million in the “Camps”

It’s strange how people have largely forgotten the Spanish Flu pandemic and are only now remembering it.