Coronavirus: US death toll overtakes Italy as world's highest

The United States now has now overtaken Italy to have the highest death toll from coronavirus in the world.

The latest data, compiled by Johns Hopkins University, shows more than 20,000 people in the US have now died.

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I saw. All those poor people and their poor families. RIP.
I can’t believe one individual eating bats caused all this. Wildlife markets need to be closed ASAP globally.

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If you believe that’s how it really happened…

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Let me point out you are comparing a country of 60 million to one of 330 million, and nearly half of all deaths in the US are coming from the failed actions of one state New York

I too question the origin story, seems to easy, also the doctor who first discovered the outbreak is dead, again very convenient, then we have the claim by China of only 3500 deaths, but then again China also says no one died at Tiananmen Square

China has a lot to explain

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You know, for some time I actually subscribed to the idea that it may be a leaked biological weapon, but once I read a bit more on the matter I started doubting it. Humanity has dealt with many deadly pandemics over the centuries, the generations since the Spanish flu have largely forgotten that scourge because of vaccines and good healthcare. Now we’re back where ancestors were a century earlier. It’s hard to accept that thought, but as many times before in human history it’s possible this disease happened because humans got irresponsible with the food they consume.