Correcting Years of Wasted Potential

First, this site is absolutely incredible. I’ve been dabbling in trading for about 10 years and found I would get frustrated and give up for long periods of time. What I’ve discovered is that the person who was my mentor did teach me a few things, but in going through the Forex School I learned the knowledge he bestowed only took me up to Elementary School, and I’m talking like 4th grade!

I should have known better, given that he eventually went to Federal Prison for running a Ponsi Scheme and bilking people out of millions.

I am here because I know I can do this. I eat, sleep, and breathe a desire to succeed and trading Forex has always felt like the method by which I can have the financial security I’ve always wanted. I’ve been blown away at the depth of information your site contains and that you are willingly sharing that knowledge with us. I wish my experience early on had included mentors like you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH! (And I’m not prone to using caps in my communications, so take those caps as a really big deal).

I’m still learning, running a demo account, and trying to manage my time effectively so I can build a good daily practice. I’m very excited to have found this site. I know that I have a lot of learning and growing to be a successful trader. I’m up for the challenge for sure.

Your new friend in Portland, Oregon.


Hi, welcome to Babypips.
Sorry about the route you’ve had to take, but you’re here now.
If you have the time, its worth reading as many threads as you can, there is some really useful stuff on here for whatever style of trading suits you best.
Best wishes

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